2022 Tech Hiring Insights Report

The 2022 Tech Industry Hiring Insights Report

GoodTime surveyed 409 HR, talent, and recruiting leaders in the tech industry across the U.S. We uncovered their most critical hiring challenges in tech, and what steps they’re taking to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape.

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Tech's most cruicial hiring insights

As they navigate this frenetic period, talent teams at Big Tech and startups alike now face the same question: “How can we set ourselves up for success in the future?”

It's been a difficult time for tech hiring

Companies surveyed missed 54% of their hiring goals in 2021.

TA leaders know how to succeed amid uncertainty

42% agree that improving hiring efficiency is a priority.

Talent leaders struggle when it comes to execution

58% saw their time-to-hire increase over the past 12 months.

If tech teams want to succeed in this tumultuous landscape, they need to move past their pattern of big talk, little action. Now is the time to hire with precision and optimize operations. To discover the reality of hiring in tech, download the report today.

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2022 Hiring Insights Report

The 2022 Hiring Insights Report

GoodTime surveyed 560 U.S. decision makers in the talent acquisition space to uncover their perceptions of the most pressing challenges facing their teams, and what should be done to attract and retain top talent.

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The latest insights into hiring

Winning talent in 2022 is about moving beyond the one-sided, staged candidate experience to the two-way, genuine candidate relationship. Companies that take a human-centered approach to talent acquisition are 2x more likely to achieve financial goals.

Times are tough in talent aquisition for everyone

Companies surveyed only hit 50% of their hiring goals in 2021. 

TA leaders know they need to connect to win

46% said the #1 challenge to the hiring landscape was the need to create meaningful relationships with candidates.

Talent leaders struggle to make relationships a priority

64% did not have the opportunity to build better candidate relationships in the past twelve months. 

Companies that cultivate candidate relationships achieve more of their hiring goals. These companies create vital opportunities to evolve their processes, which promote growth and innovation for candidates and employees alike. To discover more hiring insights, download the report today. 

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Candidate Relationship Status eBook

Candidate Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Candidate Relationship Status
It's time to focus on the candidate relationship

The concept of the candidate experience has changed. Yes-candidates want their job search to be positive and stress-free. But in this competitive market, top candidate desire much more than just an interview before they choose where to take their career.  

In our latest eBook you’ll learn how:
  • Authentic connections are more valuable than ever when building a candidate relationship.
  • Transparency and open communication has become a key differentiator for employers.
  • DE&I is a top priority for candidates, as they search for companies to work for who represent people from all backgrounds.
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72% of candidates will reject a job offer if they don't feel connected to the company culture.

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The Ultimate Playbook to Recruiting Operations

The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Operations

Guide to Recruiting Ops
A playbook for supercharging recruiting teams

Are you wondering if you need a recruiting operations manager on your team? If you’re using a non-standardized interview process or have more than 20 recruiting team members, the answer is yes. If you want to grow quickly, a recruiting operations manager can be invaluable in creating and maintaining a robust recruiting process for everyone to follow. 

In this comprehensive eBook you’ll learn:
  • How to seek efficient recruiting practices and learned best practices.
  • Interviewer training and metrics that help you effectively turn every employee into a rockstar interviewer.
  • Bonus tips from Lin Lin, Talent Operations Manager at MuleSoft, to manage recruiting teams using business principles.
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Recruiting operations managers help teams hire the best candidate at the earliest possible date.

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5 Steps to Hiring Top Talent at Scale

Five Steps to Hiring Top Talent at Scale

Ready to step up your hiring game in today's competitive market?

Today’s workforce has changed dramatically and competition for top talent is fierce. Roughly 33% of new hires look for another job within six months; traditional hiring tactics just aren’t cutting it anymore. Forward-thinking hiring leaders are stepping up their game to create the absolute best-in-class candidate experience, simply because they cannot afford not to. 

In our five-point guide you’ll learn how:
  • How leveraging technology can streamline the hiring process and flip the traditional company-driven interview model.
  • To build a candidate feedback loop that continually improves the hiring process.
  • Ways to train interviewers to ask unbiased, skills-based questions that create an inclusive candidate experience.
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Without optimizing the candidate experience, as much as 1/3 of your hiring budget is at risk

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True Cost of Untrained Interviews

The True Cost of Untrained Interviewers

Untrained interviewers cost your company more than you realize.

Competition for top talent is hotter than ever, with over one in six job offers getting rejected. Research suggests the way to increase offer acceptance rates is facilitating quality interviews. Nearly two out of three candidates say an exceptional hiring experience would make them more likely to accept a role, and means you need interviewers who know what they’re doing.

In this eye-opening eBook you’ll learn how:
  • How the current state of interviewing is impacting talent acquisition strategies.
  • The impact of untrained or burnt-out interviewers can have on the hiring experience.
  • Tools and strategies to avoid these pitfalls and create a hiring process that stands out.
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47% of hiring managers have never had training on how to conduct interviews

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How Dropbox Strategize on Talent Acquisition Tools

How Dropbox Strategizes on Talent Acquisition Tools

You've identified the problem, but how do you find the right solution?

You know you need the right tools to achieve your next steps, but evaluating options can be a daunting and time-consuming task. We sat down with Dropbox’s recruiting operations team to discuss their process of evaluating tools to find the best fit.

In this insightful eBook you’ll learn how:
  • Dropbox’s recruiting team’s tech evaluation is unlike any RFP process you’ve ever seen.
  • To identify critical evaluation categories before hopping into the thick of it.
  • Dropbox uses the secret sauce of total relationship evaluation to make sure the tool fits right into their goals.
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Hundreds of amazing companies choose GoodTime

For TA teams to deliver higher value in their work, processes have to be kept efficient

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