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Lightning-fast interview scheduling on autopilot

Only one platform makes coordinating candidate interviews pain-free. From personalized invites to cancellation replacements, teams do more with less and hire candidates up to 3x faster with GoodTime.

Trusted by hundreds of world-class companies

Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies

Join 300+ companies who schedule interviews 78% faster and get 5x more team productivity with our interview scheduling system.

“With GoodTime, your team gets back 30-40 hours a week. It’s like having another recruiter.”

Neboysa Omcikus

Head of Talent

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“GoodTime Hire is the most efficient tool that I’ve ever worked with. It really improves your hiring goals and your time-to-hire. And it gives much better insights than I’ve seen from any other ATS or scheduling tool.”

Mikayla Warren

Sr Recruitment Ops Associate

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“We were really looking for a scheduling solution that could really automate our process. We’re able to reduce our time-to-fill by scheduling faster while handling a larger scheduling load”

Kristen Vance

Technical Coordination Mgr


reduction in time-to-fill


reduction in time spent scheduling


more efficient interview scheduling


less time


reduction in time spent scheduling

We won’t go a minute over. Promise.

Complex coordination made effortless

For starters, it’s way more than an interview scheduling tool.

Faster interview coordination

  • Schedule single and multi-day interviews in minutes – no matter the chaos of your calendars
  • Automatically match candidates to the best available interviewer based on skill, focus areas, and team
  • Send 1:1 personalized or bulk messages to candidates directly through SMS, WhatsApp, or via email

Smarter automation & insights

  • Full control over your automation let’s you decide whether to find the first fit, or the best fit
  • Pre-built reports track hiring data your ATS can’t deliver such as time-to-hire, time-to-schedule and much more
  • Automated load balancing and heatmap reports help keep interviews from burnout
  • Collect anonymous candidate feedback at every stage of the interview process
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Connected to the ATS you already have

Bring candidate and job data from integrations to your ATS when needed, and sync interview data such as candidate confirmation back to your ATS for a seamless hiring process.

Ready to start having a GoodTime?

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