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Pull yourself out of calendars and spreadsheets. Focus on the high-value work you actually want to do. Optimize your recruiting process today with intelligent automation and insightful metrics to recruit candidates faster.

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reduction in time-to-fill


reduction in time spent scheduling


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less time


reduction in time spent scheduling

Recruitment superpowers

  • Save hours of recruiting coordination busywork per week
  • Reduce errors using standardization templates without losing the human touch
  • Simplify recruiting efforts for high-volume roles with batch scheduling

Teamwide efficiency

  • Make better decisions with recruiting data you've been missing
  • Have a single source of truth for all of your candidate interactions
  • Get up and running quickly with guided implementation 

Connected to the ATS you already have

Bring candidate and job data from integrations to your ATS when needed, and sync interview data back to your ATS for a seamless hiring process.

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