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2023 Manufacturing Hiring Insights Report

GoodTime surveyed 106 U.S. talent leaders in the manufacturing sector to uncover their perceptions of the most pressing challenges facing their teams, and what should be done to attract and retain top talent.
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The latest insights into manufacturing hiring

2022 brought an uncertain economy, widespread reductions in force, and increased candidate demands which set in motion a perfect storm for hiring teams in 2023. To combat these challenges, teams now turn their attention to scaling through technology, building for efficiency and automation, and developing a hiring process that meets the needs of today’s candidates.

On average, manufacturing companies missed over half of their hiring goals in 2022.

The number one challenge expected by talent leaders in manufacturing? Limitations of hiring technology.

Time-to-hire and candidate relationships are top of mind for teams in the year ahead.

With upgraded technology and refined hiring processes, TA teams in manufacturing can hit their goals and weather the most tumultuous of storms, even in the midst of a manufacturing labor shortage.

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