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2024 Healthcare Hiring Insights Report

Our independently conducted survey of 105 talent, HR, and recruiting leaders reveals the healthcare sector’s key hiring challenges in 2024 — and what top performers did to attract and retain top talent.

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The healthcare sector’s biggest hiring challenges and opportunities revealed

Healthcare organizations are ready to navigate colossal hiring challenges with a renewed vision and advanced tools. This report aims to be your navigational aid, arming you with the intel to thrive in a challenging labor market.

Healthcare TA teams saw a 4-point decline in hiring goal attainment year-over-year

97% of healthcare TA leaders plan to invest in additional hiring technology in 2024

Healthcare’s #1 anticipated hiring challenge for 2024 is an overwhelming number of candidates

Actionable insights to help healthcare TA leaders hit ambitious hiring goals

Healthcare leaders are gearing up for a transformation in the hiring landscape, armed with the insights from this report and a clear vision to overcome the intricate challenges they face.

We hope you find this report insightful and invite you to use it as your roadmap to building a dynamic, resilient, and effective healthcare hiring strategy in the year ahead.

Ready to build a resilient healthcare workforce in 2024?


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