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2024 Hiring Insights Report

Technology Edition

Our independently conducted survey of 100 talent, HR, and recruiting leaders reveals the tech sector’s key hiring challenges in 2024 — and what top performers did to attract and retain top talent.

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Tech’s biggest hiring challenges and opportunities revealed

Despite the challenges facing the tech sector, there’s a growing optimism as hiring teams become more efficient and more resilient for the next set of obstacles that come our way. Our report shows that tech’s TA leaders are focused on leveraging AI and automation for efficiency in attracting top talent — and elevating the human element of hiring at the same time.

Tech TA teams achieved a 6-point lift in hiring goal attainment year-over-year

99% of tech TA teams are now utilizing AI and automation to do more with less

Tech’s #1 hiring challenge was retaining top talent

Actionable hiring insights to help you hit your tech hiring goals

Last year had its ups and downs, but tech’s TA leaders really stepped up their game. As we move further into 2024, we hope you can use this report as a practical guide, aiding in adapting to and leveraging new opportunities to crush your hiring goals.

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