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2024 Hiring Insights Report

Our independently conducted survey of 500+ talent, HR, and recruiting leaders reveals key hiring challenges in 2024 — and what the top-performing teams did differently to hit their goals.

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A roadmap for hiring success in 2024

There’s no sugarcoating it: 2023 was a tough year for talent acquisition (TA) teams. Resources were stretched thin, layoffs hit the headlines, and the whole recruiting scene felt like a rollercoaster.

Our study of TA leaders reveals crucial hiring insights for 2024, including top-anticipated challenges, how they’re evolving processes and tools to secure top talent, and how top-performing teams crushed their hiring goals in a challenging market.

On average, TA teams hit just over half of their hiring goals in 2023

99% of TA teams are now utilizing AI and automation to do more with less

The highest-achieving teams were 40% more likely to focus on upgrading hiring technology over the past 12 months

Actionable hiring insights to help you hit your goals

The past year has been marked by significant challenges, yet also by remarkable resilience and innovation within talent acquisition teams. As we forge ahead into 2024 and beyond, we hope the insights from this report can serve as your roadmap.

Ready to chart a path to hiring success in 2024?


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