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The 2022 Tech Industry Hiring Insights Report

GoodTime surveyed 409 HR, talent, and recruiting leaders in the tech industry across the U.S. We uncovered their most critical hiring challenges in tech, and what steps they’re taking to adapt to an ever-evolving landscape.
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Tech's most cruicial hiring insights

As they navigate this frenetic period, talent teams at Big Tech and startups alike now face the same question: “How can we set ourselves up for success in the future?”

It's been a difficult time for tech hiring

Companies surveyed missed 54% of their hiring goals in 2021.

TA leaders know how to succeed amid uncertainty

42% agree that improving hiring efficiency is a priority.

Talent leaders struggle when it comes to execution

58% saw their time-to-hire increase over the past 12 months.

If tech teams want to succeed in this tumultuous landscape, they need to move past their pattern of big talk, little action. Now is the time to hire with precision and optimize operations. To discover the reality of hiring in tech, download the report today.

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