How to Run Resilient Tech TA in Tight Times

Navigating the tech TA and recruitment whirlwind in recent years has felt like riding on a giant yo-yo. We’ve experienced everything from the frantic pace of explosive growth to the unpredictability of the great reshuffle. It became a balancing act of maintaining leaner TA teams, managing surges of candidates, and ensuring every hire is a perfect strategic fit.


In this challenging environment, how are some TA leaders still hitting 100% of their hiring goals while others are left grappling at just over half? We aimed to find out together.


View the recording from our executive roundtable discussion, just for tech TA leaders like you. This wasn’t just another generic webinar, but an exclusive gathering of thought leaders to share, learn, and chart the path forward. 


Hear directly from high-performing peers in the industry as they shared:

  • Critical focus areas for TA teams as we transition from 2023 to 2024, and what needs to be deprioritized
  • How they slash time-to-hire without compromising on quality
  • Innovative tools that are aiding adaptation to a leaner, more efficient TA environment
  • Key insights into budgetary adjustments in these lean times
  • Inspiring, specific real-world stories of how TA leaders have recalibrated their strategies to hit their targets

We were delighted to have Shane Noe, VP of People Operations at ClickUp, and Manjuri Sinha, Global Director Talent Success & DEI at OLX, share their wisdom while moderated by Jenn Oswald, Chief People Officer at GoodTime.

View the recording

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