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Maximize Your Hiring ROI in 2023

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The past year added a lot of challenges to hiring that are sticking around. The new year is gearing up to be lean for many companies, and every dollar must be spent carefully to both hire the right people efficiently, and keep them around.

Join our talent acquisition experts as we review upcoming trends in the hiring landscape and take a look at ways to keep things lean and mean in 2023 while still hitting your staffing needs. 

In this discussion you'll learn:
  • What’s been going on in hiring this past year and what shifts to expect in the new year
  • How HR teams are mixing it up at every step of the hiring funnel 
  • Why the interview process needs extra love and what’s available to support it
  • When it’s the perfect time to consider making changes
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Hear from these experts

Our speakers live, breathe, and sweat trends in the hiring market. Get their insights on how to thrive during these turbulent times and essential tools to help along the way. 

Scott Parker

Director of Product Marketing, GoodTime

Elaine Orler

Managing Director, Consulting, Cielo

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