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The Key to Crushing Hiring Goals

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A new study by GoodTime showed that hiring leaders missed 50% of their hiring goals in 2021. Are you ready to move the needle? Candidates hold all the cards in choosing where they want to go for their next career move, and they’ve become increasingly selective. Job seekers won’t just accept any offer that comes their way; they expect deeper relationships and intangibles such as flexibility, transparency, and a visible, authentic commitment to DEIB.

The one-hour program takes a data-driven approach via third-party study to explore today’s hiring landscape: the challenges, the changes, and what hiring leaders want to prioritize for the challenging months ahead. Topics covered include:

In this discussion you'll learn:
  • Top 5 challenges hiring leaders faced in 2021
  • Candidate interview volume pre vs post-pandemic
  • 100% remote workplace vs hybrid or in-office challenges
  • Key pillars in candidate relationship building
  • How to cultivate bespoke, authentic candidate relationships at scale
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Ahryun Moon

Founder & Head of Company Strategy, GoodTime

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