AI-powered scheduling that’s actually intelligent

Ditch the hassle of scheduling and rounding up the right attendees. It’s time for smarter, better, faster meetings.
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How GoodTime helps you meet smarter

No scheduling scenario is too complex. Whether you’re interviewing, selling, or meeting internally, GoodTime fully automates meeting coordination so you can focus on the actual meeting.

Automatically coordinate your internal and external meetings and focus on the things only you can do.
Get the right people in the room so collaboration and connection come naturally.
See what’s working (and what’s not) across your org’s meetings and make the necessary adjustments in a few clicks.


Recruiting teams are smaller, budgets are tighter, and making the right hire is more important than ever. Leaner teams hire 50% faster using GoodTime’s AI-powered interview scheduling automation.

Fully automate interview coordination

Our powerful AI makes even complex multi-day panel interviews a breeze to schedule — from collecting availability to invites, reminders, rescheduling, and more.

“The fastest hiring team is typically the one that's going to get the best candidate. GoodTime helped us do that.”

Erika Thorson-Garay, LiveRamp

Purpose-built for corporate and
high-volume hiring

Not all hiring processes are the same. We’re built to optimize all of them, whether you hire corporate roles, high-volume roles, or both.

“When recruiting coordinators aren’t manually scheduling, they can slow down to really impact and elevate the candidate experience.”

Kristen Vance, Zoom

Texting, email, and workflow automation

Workflow automation including trigger-based texting, WhatsApp, and email communication helps you increase engagement and schedule 78% faster.

“The data in GoodTime is so important because we use a lot of it to reach our aggressive hiring goals.”

Monika Warchol, Rally Health


Powerful, flexible, and visually stunning meeting scheduling software for your most important meetings.

Beautifully-branded scheduling links

Offer a customizable and on-brand scheduling experience that works great on any device.

“It’s so easy to schedule meetings with my coworkers. I don’t need to Slack and see if people are available.”

Emily Cole, Manager of Professional Learning at Seesaw

Fast and flexible scheduling

Customize availability with personalized settings, balance meeting loads across your team, and allow for seamless rescheduling when things change

“The ability to control when I am available to meet helps me better balance my days.”

Jen Wade, Senior Manager of Recruiting at Callisto Media

Powerful data and insights

Get valuable meeting data, compare performance across teams, and discover bottlenecks.

“GoodTime Meet is an amazing product for our sales team.”

Greg Goldstein, Sales Strategy Lead at Stripe

Smarter meetings for every team in the enterprise


Hire candidates up to 3x faster

  • Reduce time-to-fill
  • Establish genuine connections with candidates
  • Level up your interviewers with automated training

Make your sales team more productive

  • Save time booking every meeting
  • Track who’s meeting the most
  • Balance meeting loads fairly

Build stronger relationships with top accounts

  • Seamlessly loop in the right team members at the right time
  • Track CSM performance
  • Spot problems before they happen
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Customers of all sizes love us - and we love them too

“The GoodTime team has been friendly, helpful, and informative!”

Sr. Manager, Talent & People Ops


“Would never go back to manual scheduling ever again!”

Candidate Experience Lead


“It's really user-friendly, so it's easy to pick up and learn.”



“It's GOOD to use GoodTime! I am a huge fan of this platform.”

Recruitment Coordinator


“Great candidate experience, I highly recommend it!”

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You meet every day. Why not do it smarter?