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Painless interview scheduling for healthcare recruitment

Schedule interviews for in-demand roles in healthcare up to 67% faster.
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The world’s most innovative healthcare companies trust GoodTime
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The struggle is real for healthcare hiring

Since pre-pandemic, no industry has been impacted like healthcare, and recruiters are feeling the pressure. With fewer recruiters and an increasing demand for qualified talent, hiring leaders who interview quickly and efficiently will crush hiring goals, engage top talent, and stay within budget. Using the right technology to scale interview volume with fewer recruiters is mission-critical for healthcare recruitment success.

Boost productivity and schedule faster

GoodTime Hire text interface for healthcare hiring

Contact talent instantly

  • Text candidates directly from Indeed without ever leaving your browser
  • Get in front of busy candidates within seconds with personalized 1:1 messages or in bulk
  • Move quickly by syncing candidate data directly from Indeed and your ATS

Automate interview scheduling

  • Automatically send early qualification questions and get candidates in the door faster
  • Never leave candidates hanging; book interviews with the click of a button
  • Keep your conversations moving with automated scheduling and reminders
automated interview scheduling for healthcare
GoodTime Hire Interviews dashboard

Recruit with a single source of truth

  • Manage every single interaction with candidates, all from one system
  • Oversee candidate status (without jumping through hoops) in your robust analytics dashboard
  • Gain the critical visibility into your hiring process that you need to succeed

Build connections, effortlessly

  • Schedule without feeling impersonal; send automated yet personalized responses
  • Use custom templates to level up your communications with no extra effort
  • Create a compelling hiring experience with branded schedulers and reminders
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Connected to Indeed and the ATS you already have

Bring candidate and job data from out-of-the-box integrations to and your ATS when needed, and sync interview data back to your ATS.

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2023 Hiring Insights Report

Healthcare Edition

GoodTime surveyed 105 U.S. talent leaders in the healthcare sector to uncover their perceptions of the most pressing challenges facing their teams, and what should be done to attract and retain top talent.

Ready to crush your healthcare hiring goals?