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Do more with less. Schedule interviews faster and more precisely than ever before.
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In the tech industry, it’s sink or swim

After hiring surges and slowdowns, tech recruiters have learned to adapt to the industry’s fluctuations and do more with less. Successful talent teams use downturns to innovate their processes, like their products. An efficient interview process helps teams do more with less. With the right tech, integrated with your ATS, you can schedule interviews faster, maximize productivity, and crush hiring goals.

Level up your tech recruiting

Schedule with speed and flexibility

  • Ask candidates for their availability and allow them to automatically book their interviews with a single click
  • Effortlessly schedule busy single or multi-day interviews, and engage multiple candidates with bulk scheduling

The right interviewers, every time

  • Choose your interviewers with confidence. Automatically select the right interviewers based on skills, qualifications, and load
  • Eliminate unexpected reschedules; instantly select and substitute the next best interviewer if an interviewer cancels

Grow your interviewer pool

  • Create interviewer training paths and automatically assign shadowing/reverse shadowing opportunities
  • Confirm and graduate trainees to expand and diversify your interviewer pool

Scaleable, templated workflows

  • Unify your processes with standardized, flexible workflows that are automatically shared across your team
  • Leverage smart templates to deliver a refined and repeatable candidate experience

Personalized engagements, genuine connections

  • Make automated scheduling feel less robotic. Use communications templates to engage candidates with dynamic, personalized responses
  • Craft a compelling hiring experience with customized, branded schedulers and reminders

Powerful interview and candidate insights

  • Uncover insights on your recruiting and interviewer teams and track the status of open roles
  • Collect candidate feedback at each stage of the interview loop and refine your strategy, process, and forecasts based on those learnings

Integrations your RCs & Talent Ops Team will ❤️

You’ve got better things to do than manually updating calendar invites and candidate data. GoodTime keeps everything synced across your ATS, calendars, video conferencing tools, and more.

2023 Hiring Insights Report

Technology Edition

GoodTime surveyed 103 U.S. talent leaders in the technology sector to uncover their perceptions of the most pressing challenges facing their teams, and what should be done to attract and retain top talent.

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