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High-volume recruiting and automated scheduling

Connect with candidates instantly, boost response rates, and schedule interviews faster–all at scale–to get more time back in your day.
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Never again ask
“Does Tuesday at 9:30 am work?”

Getting in front of in-demand candidates quickly is critical to filling hourly roles. With high-volume recruiting via SMS, WhatsApp, and email messaging, you meet frontline candidates right where they are. Connect with candidates in seconds, get their interview scheduled in minutes, and never again ask “Does Tuesday at 9:30 am work?”

Turn your high-volume hiring up a notch

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Automated interview scheduling

  • Schedule multiple candidates at once with the click of a button via SMS, WhatsApp, or email
  • View current scheduling status of all candidates with an intuitive dashboard
  • Automatically send calendar invites, agendas, and reminders and account for time zones automatically
  • Easily share 1:1 scheduling links with candidates when sourcing

SMS & WhatsApp messaging

  • Reach candidates directly through SMS and WhatsApp with a mobile-first experience
  • Send personalized 1:1 messages to candidates
  • Bulk message groups of candidates for faster scheduling

Configurable workflow automation

  • Use advanced rules and logic to create simple and complex automation based on different events or criteria
  • Trigger messages to candidates and hiring managers for invites, reminders, and friendly nudges
  • Automate as much (or as little) as you want with a fully-customizable, intuitive workflow editor

Screening & knock-out questions

  • Use pre-built screening questionnaires to collect critical information fast
  • Quickly screen out unqualified candidates with knock-out questions
  • Choose questions based on role to get candidates with the right qualifications for each position
Screening and knock-out questions graphic
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Integrates into existing processes

  • Text candidates directly from your ATS so you don’t have to switch windows
  • Send messages to candidates from any website, right from your browser
  • Use the Chrome extension to message candidates, send interview requests, view conversations, and get notifications

Connected to Indeed and your ATS

Bring candidate and job data from out-of-the-box integrations to Indeed and your ATS when needed, and sync interview data back to your ATS.
GoodTime Hire for High-Volume integrations

Purpose-built for your industry


Caregivers and support, nursing, and administrative roles


Production and assembly, quality control, maintenance, and warehouse roles


Front of store, merchandising, inventory, supervisor, and seasonal roles

Travel & Hospitality

Front-of-house, guest services, housekeeping, ground & flight operations, and maintenance roles

Teams do more with less and crush hiring goals with GoodTime


Decrease in time-to-schedule


More interviews coordinated per quarter


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Less time scheduling


Reduction in time-to-fill

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