How it all started

HubSpot provides CRM software and support to help businesses grow through marketing, sales, and service products.

While in the middle of immense organizational growth, the recruitment coordination team used a candidate tracking system to run the coordination process. However, the team quickly realized that the process had become too manual and inefficient to handle the scheduling of their increasingly high number of candidates. 

Soon enough, HubSpot’s recruiters found themselves bogged down by scheduling logistics, and their bandwidths took a massive hit. That led them to look into GoodTime as an automation solution for the team.

What we were trying to achieve

For HubSpot, scheduling interviews required a significant amount of back-and-forth between candidates, interviewers, and hiring managers. The team knew that adding automation to their recruitment would improve the hiring process for everyone involved. If they could lean on automation to make their process a little bit more efficient, recruiting coordinators would get time back to really focus on meaningfully connecting with candidates.

"GoodTime makes the process so much easier for the recruiting coordination team because it really eliminates a lot of the back-and-forth that we would have been previously going through between interviewers, candidates, and hiring managers."

Allie Scheu, Recruitment Coordination Manager

A match made in heaven

HubSpot transformed their previously manual, inefficient scheduling efforts into a streamlined hiring process fueled by data and automation.  GoodTime Hire freed up the schedules of HubSpot’s recruiting coordinators by reducing the time spent juggling calendars and fixated on details. They even received a bonus benefit of data and insights from Hire to identify any remaining inefficiencies in their recruitment efforts.

“Your recruiting coordination team is going to be given back the capacity and bandwidth to focus on what is most important, and that is ensuring the best possible candidate experience.”

Allie Scheu, Recruitment Coordination Manager