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Create a seamless interview process and schedule talent faster than the competition.
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Boost your bottom line with optimized interview scheduling

In today’s hiring climate, financial services recruiters know that they must do more with less. Hiring skilled talent in a turbulent market means your interview process matters more than ever. Recruiting leaders need smart technology that scales efforts and yields high candidate volume with the lowest friction possible.

Don’t let your interview process be a liability

Faster, more flexible scheduling

  • Scheduling made easy; ask candidates for their availability and allow them to automatically book their interviews with a single click
  • Coordinate interviews across one or several days, and engage multiple candidates at once with bulk scheduling

Intelligently select the perfect interviewers

  • Choose interviewers based on skills, qualifications, load, and more to meaningfully connect with every candidate
  • Interviewer cancellations? No problem. Automatically select and substitute the next best interviewer

Expand your interviewer pool

  • Establish interviewer training paths and automatically assign trainees to shadow/reverse shadow experienced interviewers
  • Graduate interviewers once trained to grow your interviewer pool and avoid scheduling bottlenecks

Scaleable interview workflow

  • Align your entire interview process with standardized, flexible workflows to accommodate even the most complex interviews
  • Use smart templates to save time and build a repeatable candidate experience

Personalize every engagement

  • Add a human touch to your automation with communication templates that deliver dynamic, personalized responses
  • Elevate the hiring experience with customized, branded schedulers and reminders

Impactful interview and candidate data

  • Unlock insights on your recruiting and interviewer teams and monitor the progress of open roles
  • Refine your hiring efforts based on candidate feedback after each step in the process and gather data on interviewers

Integrations your RCs & Talent Ops Team will ❤️

You’ve got better things to do than manually updating calendar invites and candidate data. GoodTime keeps everything synced across your ATS, calendars, video conferencing tools, and more.

Ready to bank on a better recruiting process?