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Your hiring process is about to take off

Buckle up. Fill roles at lightning speed with automated interview scheduling, interviewer selection, and more.

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Don’t let delays cancel great candidates

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Demand for travel and tourism roles has skyrocketed with over 200,000 vacancies. To land talent, your approach to candidates must change.


Across the industry, companies are scrambling to reevaluate their hiring and interview processes; eliminating outdated approaches and unnecessary baggage.



Successful hiring teams are automating their interview scheduling logistics and providing candidates with an incredible interview experience that builds genuine relationships and offers a compelling view of their organizations.

Does GoodTime make sense for my recruiting team?

Make the most of your hiring pool

GoodTime Hire automates and manages your entire interview process to dramatically reduce time lost selecting qualified interviewers, scheduling, personalizing communications, preparing interviewers, capturing candidate feedback, and much more.

Automate away the pain of scheduling

Eliminate delays in your hiring process and maximize the opportunity to connect with every qualified candidate. Scheduling that took hours of frustration now happens in minutes, without digging through calendars, or writing tedious emails.

Build relationships at scale

Schedule high-volume hospitality and aviation roles without it feeling impersonal. Review multiple candidates’ availability and bulk schedule interviews simultaneously to fill roles faster.

Personalize every interaction

Automated scheduling doesn’t have to feel so…automated. Branded schedulers and reminders provide candidates with a refined, engaging interview experience that reflects your amazing company culture, without turbulence along the way.

The right interviewer for every candidate

Knowing which interviewer to choose can be a daunting task in itself. GoodTime Hire will categorize and suggest the best available interviewer based on skills, qualifications, load, and more.

2024 Hiring Insights Report

Our study of 525 TA leaders reveals how to hit your hiring goals in a challenging market.
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