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Stress-free hiring with SmartRecruiters + GoodTime

Bring speed and efficiency to your hiring process with GoodTime’s automated interview scheduling for SmartRecruiters.

SmartRecruiters gets you started. GoodTime takes you to the finish line.

No platform can do it all on its own; SmartRecruiters is only one tool in your toolbox. When you want to hire faster, it’s time to fill the gaps in your tech stack. You need an efficient interview scheduling solution that can quickly coordinate interviews both 1:1 and in bulk.

That’s where GoodTime comes in.

Imagine SmartRecruiters with GoodTime's
robust interview scheduling software

Let SmartRecruiters handle candidates and applications; we’ll take care of the coordination. GoodTime’s intelligent automation, streamlined calendar coordination, and advanced interview analytics help schedule interviews based on time zone, availability, and more – no matter how complex.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Boost efficiency and speed up time-to-hire.

  • Schedule single, multi-day, and bulk interviews at the click of a button
  • Reach candidates faster through SMS and WhatsApp either 1:1 or in bulk for high-volume roles
  • Quickly find the best available times and interviewers for even the most complex panel interviews
  • Personalize communication at scale with customizable dynamic templates
  • Let candidates select the times that work best and instantly confirm interviews

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly sync data to and from SmartRecruiters.

  • Connect directly to your SmartRecruiters instance without changing your setup
  • Send candidate data by interview stage from SmartRecruiters to GoodTime for easy scheduling
  • Clearly see the “who, where, and when” for interviews along with automated email activity in both systems
  • Hands-off rescheduling and cancellations sync to SmartRecruiters in real-time
  • Ready-to-go reports on candidates, interviewers, and critical metrics you can’t get in SmartRecruiters

Connected to the hiring tools you already have

Integrate with more than just SmartRecruiters. Keep everything synced across your calendars, video conferencing tools, and more.

Enterprise-grade security

SOC 2 Type II (ISAE-3000), SOC 3, GDPR, CCPA–The leading standards, reports, and requirements are all covered so your data is protected.

Always at your service

With dedicated implementation and customer success teams, as well as 24/7 tech support with a 95% satisfaction rate, we’ve got you.

Ready to start having a GoodTime?