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Tired of slow interview scheduling?

So are your candidates. Move fast and crush your hiring goals with Candidate Relationship Intelligence. 

A female recruiter and male job candidate each sitting in front of laptops having a remote interview
Hundreds of amazing companies choose GoodTime

Get to yes faster.

In this wild hiring market, the best candidates get hired quickly. GoodTime Hire automates interview scheduling to create the optimal schedule for candidates and interviewers, no matter the complexity, to reduce friction and get to the offer stage faster than ever. No more back and forth.


Decrease in time-to-schedule


More interviews coordinated per quarter


Less time scheduling


Reduction in time-to-fill


Number of interviews per day

So much more than interview scheduling

Bring the power of smart meetings to your hiring process with GoodTime’s Meeting Optimization Engine.

Automate coordination without losing the human touch
Build genuine connections and win the best talent
Get actionable insights to continuously improve candidate relationships

Coordinate in minutes, not hours

The average job search ends in only 18 days. That means you need to build candidate relationships fast and reduce time-to-hire to win top talent.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Schedule with superpowers

When candidates give their availability, boom—GoodTime surfaces matching times from your interviewers’ calendars (even for panels) and instantly confirms. No manual emails. No calendar Tetris. Everyone wins.

“The fastest hiring team is typically the one that's going to get the best candidate. GoodTime helped us do that.”

Erika Thorson-Garay

Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp


Flexible scheduling

Put candidates in control

Cramming a full loop interview into one day is a lot to ask of candidates. Flexible scheduling lets them schedule interviews over multiple days, so they don’t feel inconvenienced.

“The process that GoodTime creates for our candidates is flexibility-focused. We really want to make sure that interviewing is not a burden.”

Allie Scheu

Recruiting Coordination Manager at HubSpot


Batch scheduling

Build relationships at scale

Schedule for high-volume roles without feeling impersonal. Review multiple candidates’ availability and schedule interviews simultaneously so you fill roles faster.

“Candidates absolutely love GoodTime. The quick turnaround keeps momentum going and carries their excitement over into their interview.”

Kristen Vance

Technical Coordination Manager at Zoom


Candidate engagement & experience

Make every interaction count

Deliver personalized candidate experiences, showcase your employer brand, and leave a lasting impression in every interaction with talent.

“As a candidate, I really liked the fact that there was a hint at what to expect in the scheduling stage. There's pictures of the office you'll be interviewing at, and I thought that was great to see beforehand.”

Kaitlyn Matta

TA Operations Coordinator at LiveRamp


High-Volume Hiring

Connect directly through SMS

Engage candidates in real-time with text messaging to provide a fast, personalized experience that accommodates busy schedules. Manage conversations, schedule next steps, and capture the results in your ATS.

Impactful interviews, inspired candidates

Get the tools to create the personal connections candidates now expect everywhere they interview.

Intelligent interviewer matching

Connect with every candidate

Select the best available interviewer based on skills, focus, and team—without manually searching calendars and spreadsheets.

“It's really transformed how we're working here at Pinterest.”

Victoria Pérez

Recruiting Coordinator at Pinterest


Interviewer training

Scale your interviewer pool

Add shadowers to interviews automatically, so you're always growing and diversifying your pool of qualified interviewers.

“It helps us make sure that our hiring managers and interviewers are trained and become better at interviewing.”

Maria Ria

Talent Operations Manager at Beamery


Automated load balancing

Keep interviewers fresh

Your interviewers can’t be their best if they’re doing 15 interviews a week. Set load limits and spread the work evenly to keep interview quality high.

“The load balancing aspect of GoodTime has really improved our interviewer experience.”

Mikaela Warren

Senior Recruitment Operations Associate at Deliveroo


Panel diversity

Create inclusive interview panels

Diversify your interviews without putting an unfair burden on specific interviewers. You can expect a 2% increase in candidate acceptance rates for every 1% increase in representation.

Finally, the data you’ve dreamed of

Unlock data and insights your ATS can’t deliver. Continuously optimize your hiring process for better candidate relationships.

Candidate pulse

Learn from every interview

Find out what candidates really think about each interview with standardized pulse questions so you know what’s helping, or hurting, the candidate relationship.


Recruiting leaderboard

Dig into your data

See every RC’s total schedules, reschedules, updates, and cancellations in one place.

“We like to track the number of interviews that each team member has scheduled in order to track workload and progress. There's a lot less uncertainty.”

Michelle Wu

Recruiting Coordinator at Rally Health


Interviewer leaderboard

100% interviewer reliability

Track interviewer declines and cancellations so candidates aren’t left hanging.

“We look at our data to analyze why certain interviewers may be rescheduling a lot or why certain candidates may be dropping out at specific stages in the process.”

Victoria Pérez

Recruiting Coordinator at Pinterest


Interview time

Hit your hiring targets

Understand how much time you’ll need to hit your hiring goals. See the time spent interviewing for each position so you can accurately forecast future hires.

“The data in GoodTime is so important because we use a lot of it to reach our aggressive hiring goals.”

Monika Warchol

RC and Ops Lead at Rally Health


“How will this make my job easier?”

I'm a...

Recruiting Coordinator

Pull yourself out of calendars and spreadsheets. Focus on the work you actually want to do.


  • Save yourself hours of interview scheduling busywork per week
  • Eliminate manual scheduling errors
  • Keep your interviewers happy and deepen candidate relationships
A male recruiting coordinator grinning with his arms behind his head, leaning back in a chair against a lime background; a candidate-interview scheduling graphic in the background

Full Life Cycle Recruiter

Cut down on admin tasks and spend more time on candidates.


  • Say goodbye to back-and-forth interview scheduling emails
  • Focus on building candidate relationships
  • Leave competitors in the dust by scheduling candidates immediately

Talent Ops Manager

Get more out of your team without losing the human touch candidates love.


  • Increase your entire team’s efficiency
  • Make better decisions with data you’ve been missing
  • Get up and running quickly with guided implementation

VP of Talent

Align hiring goals with business goals and give your team a competitive advantage with the best candidates.


  • Strengthen relationships with every candidate
  • Dramatically reduce time-to-hire
  • Get ahead on your hiring goals

6 million smart interviews and counting

How Zoom scaled their recruiting operations and now schedules 5X more interviews per quarter

How HubSpot freed up their recruiting coordinators’ time and uses data to drive better candidate experiences

How Deliveroo reduced their time to schedule full loop interviews by 80%
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Integrations your RCs & Talent Ops Team will ❤️

You’ve got better things to do than manually updating calendar invites and candidate data. GoodTime keeps everything synced across your ATS, calendars, video conferencing tools, and more.
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Customers (and their candidates) rave about GoodTime

“Our candidates have been scheduled and offered a role as quickly as 2 weeks after entering the pipeline.”

Alyxandra, People and Culture Program Manager

“Candidates love the personalization and talk about how cool their scheduling experience was with GoodTime.”

Candidate Experience Lead

“Allows us to schedule very complex interviews in a matter of seconds.”

Julien-Pier B., Research, Mid-Market

“My team has more time to spend on candidate-related topics since they don't have to manually schedule interviews.”

Greta D., Candidate Experience Lead

“The candidates receive a first-class experience. I am a huge fan of this platform.”

Marta S, Recruitment Coordinator

Enterprise-grade security

Your meetings, your data. Let's keep it that way.
SOC 2 Type II (ISAE-3000), SOC 3, GDPR, CCPA–The leading standards, reports, and requirements are all covered so your data is protected.

Go beyond candidate expectations with GoodTime Hire