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Fill seasonal and evergreen roles at scale with fast, efficient interview scheduling.
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Retail recruiting is only getting harder

With never-ending vacancies, sky-high turnover rates, and an industry-wide talent shortage, retail hiring challenges would make anyone’s head spin. For retail recruiters to succeed, they must scale interview scheduling by leveraging smart hiring technology that connects with existing ATS data to fill seasonal and evergreen roles.

Schedule faster and increase recruiting efficiency

Engage with talent instantly

  • Text candidates directly from Indeed, all within your desktop
  • Contact large volumes of candidates in seconds by text, either 1:1 or in bulk
  • Quickly move talent through the funnel by syncing candidate data between Indeed and your ATS

Automate interview scheduling

  • Automatically send qualification questions and get skilled retail candidates in the door faster
  • Rapidly engage talent by booking interviews with a single click
  • Move conversations forward with automated scheduling and reminders

Recruit with a single source of truth

  • Manage every single interaction with candidates from one central system
  • Check candidate status (without jumping through hoops) in your robust analytics dashboard
  • Gain critical visibility into your hiring process to effortlessly fill vacancies

Build connections, win candidates

  • Schedule with a personal touch; send candidates automated yet personalized messages
  • Customize your templates and let your brand voice be heard
  • Keep candidates engaged with branded schedulers and reminders

Connected to Indeed and the ATS you already have

Bring candidate and job data from out-of-the-box integrations to and your ATS when needed, and sync interview data back to your ATS.

Ready to crush your hiring goals?