Hi there! We’re GoodTime.

We’ve tried to keep the conversation about you, but since you’re here…we’ll assume you’re curious about the folks behind GoodTime. So here’s a little about us.
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Our Mission

Creating a future where every minute counts

It’s not your imagination. You’re in way more meetings. Since 2020, the number of daily meetings has jumped from 40 million to 66 million in the U.S—even though we typically can’t stand them.

It’s easy to see why. Meetings clog our calendars. They distract from work we want to be doing. Half the time they leave us wondering, “Why am I even here?”

Yet meetings can be extraordinary. They're where big ideas find their legs. They're where we deepen relationships with teammates and customers. They’re where teams smash through roadblocks together.

We don’t need to get rid of meetings. We just need to make the most of them.

GoodTime’s Meeting Optimization Engine helps companies meet smarter—every single time.


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Our Story

It started with interviews. Now it’s so much more.

Hey! We’re Ahryun, Jasper, and Peter, the co-founders of GoodTime.

When we met at a hackathon back in 2014, we weren’t even on the same team. But after our team members gave up, we joined forces and haven’t looked back since.

We started GoodTime to improve one specific type of meeting: job interviews. In 2015, it was incredibly tedious for hiring teams to coordinate even simple interviews. But it quickly became clear that we weren’t just helping companies save time—we were profoundly impacting the outcomes of interviews, too.

With smarter interviews, customers gained a hiring edge over their competitors, connected on a deeper level with candidates, won top talent, and hit their goals faster.

So why stop at interviews?

Now, GoodTime is a platform that brings a smarter approach to all types of meetings—so you get better results every time people get together.



What makes us tick

These five core values are what make us, well…us.

Put the Customer First

We are grateful for customers and work relentlessly to solve their problems.
“There is tremendous respect for the customers and a desire to deliver the best service we can and work together to improve how and what we deliver to our customers every day!”

Ariel Barrett

Implementation Specialist

Win as a Team

We share info freely, communicate openly, and do what is best for the team before ourselves.
“We are ridiculously good at winning as a team, we celebrate each other and are so helpful and thoughtful to each other. It's a magical thing really.”

Jenn Oswald

Head of People

Inspire Growth and Passion

We inspire others with our passion for excellence, fighting stagnation, and learning from every failure along the way.
“We strive to make the best tools. We lift each other up. We encourage and fund learning and growth.”

Kate Litscher

Software Engineer

Speak Candidly with Care

We have the courage to speak up with constructive feedback, and to accept it—even when it’s tough.
“Everyone feels empowered to speak out, with respect to ensure we all have the best chance at success. And when we succeed, we really feel the difference we are making for our customers.”

Andrew Geden

Lifecycle Marketing

Challenge the Status Quo

We challenge assumptions and make what others consider impossible possible.
“We have a culture that allows us to speak our mind and push back against things that don't make sense or if we have ideas for a more efficient process.”

Derek Mitzel

Account Executive


Diversity starts with our leaders

Our strategy team brings together a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets to set the long-term vision and keep us focused on relentlessly delivering for customers.

Ahryun Moon

Co-founder & Head of Company Strategy

Jasper Sone

Co-founder & Head of Product

Ryan Medine

Head of Marketing

Whitney Elenbaas

Head of Sales

Jenn Oswald

Head of People

Daniel Salzer

Head of Engineering

Charles Mah

Chief Customer and Operations Officer

Help us write the next chapter

Want a chance to flex your entrepreneurial muscles and change the way millions of people work? We’re building a remote-first team that allows you to have an immediate impact and grow with us.