Hire High-Volume Hiring/SMS

Texting & automation for high

More candidates, instant connections, and engaging experiences. An SMS-based solution that delivers high volume hiring success at scale.

Text connects you faster

Getting in front of in-demand candidates quickly is critical to your hiring success. With SMS, you can be in contact in seconds, connected in minutes, and schedule to meet without ever leaving the conversation. Keep candidates informed and connect with them in real-time.

Remove friction at every step

A true two-way street

Start two-way texting conversations, either 1:1 or through bulk texts to candidates.

Let your candidates drive

Share availability directly from your calendar and allow candidates to self-schedule interviews, so no more back and forth.

Get on the same page

Automatic reminders sent to both candidates and interviewers to ensure interviews are confirmed and both parties attend the interview.

Connected to Indeed and the ATS you already have

Bring candidate and job data from out-of-the-box integrations to Indeed and your ATS when needed, and sync interview data back to your ATS.
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