Get excited: our team is always hard at work in making GoodTime the best it can be, and we’re here to share the latest product updates from April 2023. Plenty of Hire for High Volume updates, new additions to GoodTime Meet, and more releases are coming your way. Buckle up, let’s review!

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GoodTime Hire for High Volume Updates

That’s right—Hire for High Volume takes the stage this month. And with this brand-new offering’s most recent updates, there are so many reasons to get pumped up.

Candidate Automation

More power to candidates. Our stars of the hiring process can now confirm, decline, or reschedule their own interviews right inside their text messages, decreasing the chance of no-shows. 

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's candidate automation capabilities.

Email Communication

Shoot off a quick email to candidates and get notified in GoodTime when they respond. If your company prefers interviews over video, we also now support scheduling video interviews over MS Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. 

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's email communication capabilities.

Variable Support

Add some personalization to your recruiting by inserting variables into your calendar invitations and messages. Variables will automatically resolve with the correct data such as the recruiter’s first name, the candidate’s first name, the company’s name, and more. 

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's variable support capabilities.

Other Notable Updates

  • System Notifications: Receive notifications inside of the Candidate Inbox and Chrome extension when a user schedules an interview
  • Auto-apply Country Code to Phone Numbers: GoodTime runs an intelligent phone algorithm to apply the correct country code to candidates inside the Job View page
  • Edit Candidate Information: Modify a candidate’s email address, phone number, first name, and last name inside of the messenger
  • Usage-based Packages: Now that our product is out of Early Access, we have multiple packages to meet the needs of different organizations. Every company has access to our Free version as well which limits the number of messages to 25/mo per user.
  • Messages Push to Greenhouse Activity Feed: When a message is sent or received from a candidate, the message content is pushed to the activity feed inside of the Candidate Profile

GoodTime Hire Updates

Hire for High Volume might be the star this month, but there are always new developments on the Corporate side of the house.

Quick Updates

  • Confirmation Email and Require Review: Automation is key. Candidates now receive confirmation emails immediately, even when require review is turned off.
  • Dark Font Colors for Request Availability: For total customizability, you can match a dark font color with light theme colors, or the other way around
  • New Languages: GoodTime now supports the candidate experience in Simplified Chinese, Italian & Swahili

GoodTime Meet Updates

Free up more calendar space in Meet and keep tabs on upcoming meetings. Plus: a lil something for our power users. 

Transparent Keywords

Need more time in your week for meetings? Intelligently schedule over meetings you know you can skip by adding transparent keywords. Alternatively, this allows you to pre-block times on your calendar for your most important meetings.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Meet's transparent keyword capabilities.

Link Search

Power users with a lot of links, this one’s for you. The link searching feature now available in the GoodTime App and Chrome extension is the fastest way to share the right links.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Meet's link search capabilities.

Schedule Meetings

Stay on top of your meetings with a filtered list of upcoming and past meetings that you’ve created using your scheduling links.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Meet's scheduling capabilities.

Other Notable Updates

  • Personal Email Signups: Personal Emails can now be used to create GoodTime Meet accounts (Gmail/Hotmail)
  • Auto-create Unique URLs: No more duplicate email errors. Meet will make unique URLs (that you can still customize).
  • Improve User Search Times: No more endless spinners. Meet can search for your teammates even faster now.
  • Auto-accept Meetings: We’ve added an account level setting to allow you to auto-accept meetings created with your links

Not Part of the GoodTime Family Yet?

It’s time to change that. With GoodTime, you can get better outcomes from your company’s most important meetings. For interviews, GoodTime Hire helps you schedule 40% faster, hire 50% more efficiently, and 5x team productivity. (Seriously.) For every other meeting, GoodTime Meet provides beautifully-branded scheduling links to schedule internal and external meetings faster than ever.

Learn more about how Hire can transform your interview scheduling.

Learn more about how Hire for High Volume can revolutionize your high-volume hiring.

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