Get excited: our team is always hard at work in making GoodTime the best it can be, and we’re here to share the latest product updates from March 2023. A new communication tab, Candidate Pulse insights, GoodTime Meet updates, and more releases are coming your way. Buckle up, let’s review!

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GoodTime Hire Updates

We’ve enabled the ability to delete interview gaps, introduced a new way to benchmark your TA team, and more. Plus: say hello to multi-day drag-and-drop.

Candidate Pulse Benchmarking and Insights

Talent teams, meet Candidate Pulse. This functionality offers insights to benchmark your TA org internally and against industry-wide standards. Candidate Pulse collects feedback from candidates and makes it completely effortless to track performance by virtually any dimension in your organization.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's Candidate Pulse survey.

Multi-day Drag-and-Drop

Your wish has been granted; the beloved drag-and-drop feature is now available for multi-day options. We get it, sometimes adjustments need to be made—especially to the most complicated interviews. Multi-day drag-and-drop gives you more control than ever before.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's drag-and-drop capabilities.

Delete Gaps

Interview gaps are sometimes required, especially when it comes to scheduling long interviews. But as with everything, there are special circumstances that require adjustments. Now you can manually delete gaps in complicated interviews and see the implications on availability in real-time.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's gap deletion capabilities.

Other Notable Updates

  • French, Polish & Japanese Language Support: Request Availability and other candidate-facing communications are now available in three more languages
  • Upgraded Options Counter: The options counter now has improved accuracy and separates single versus multi-day options
  • Dashboard Experience Upgrades: GoodTime will now remember your preferred number of rows and keep the status dropdown open until you’ve made all your selections

GoodTime Hire for High Volume Updates

We’ve introduced bulk messaging and scheduling to SMS/WhatsApp, added a communication tab, and more. 

Communication Tab

Consider this a recruiter’s command center. See when candidates enter new jobs and stages, receive notifications when candidates respond, and take action by  communicating and scheduling with just the click of a button. Your communication tab is personalized just for you, pre-filtered for your jobs and candidates so you are up to date on all your requisitions.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's communication tab.

Bulk Messaging & Bulk Scheduling

SMS and WhatsApp coordination just got an upgrade. Now you can respond to dozens of candidates at once and send interview requests all in a few button clicks.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's bulk scheduling and messaging capabilities.

Email Communication & Video Interviews

Communicate and interview with your candidates however they (and you) prefer. Quickly send email communications to candidates and get notified when they respond. If your company prefers interviews over video, we now support scheduling video interviews over MS Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Hire's communication capabilities.

GoodTime Meet Updates

Connect and Teams are now available for everyone. Plus: there’s a new way to share the GoodTime Meet love.

Connect for Everyone

Get pumped: Connect is now available for everyone at your company, whether they are on a free or premium subscription. Connect makes it easy for your teammates to find others who share the same interests or skill sets. Quickly search and schedule time to meet with peers and mentors.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Meet Connect.

Teams for Everyone

Just like Connect, Teams is also now available for everyone at your company. You can now instantly find time to meet with your team as well as send out quick video huddle links to jump on a call immediately.

Graphic displaying GoodTime Meet's Teams.

Invite Peers

Share the love and get some back. Invite people you meet with frequently to join GoodTime Meet and get a month of GoodTime Meet Premium access for free.

Graphic displaying inviting peers to GoodTime Meet.

Other Notable Updates

  • Search Links in Chrome Extension: Save time scrolling by quickly searching for your links by name in the Chrome Extension
  • Create Recurring Meetings in Calendar: Meetings scheduled in the GoodTime Meet calendar can now be recurring

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