Hire Candidate Pulse

Learn from candidates & refine your interviews

Gather actionable feedback on your process at every step.

It's a candidate's market, and what they want is a relationship.

Candidates expect a lot from the companies they are considering, including a genuine connection that demonstrates transparency, flexibility, and diversity.


Clear communication is the foundation for every meaningful relationship. If you aren’t asking candidates for feedback, chances are something in your process is preventing candidate relationships that truly connect.

New: Understand interviews from
your candidate's perspective

Our newest GoodTime Hire feature, Candidate Pulse, captures candid, role-specific feedback from your candidates through configurable surveys. It delivers:

  • Actionable candidate feedback from each step of your interview process
  • Candidate-facing questions crafted by talent acquisition professionals
  • Double-blind anonymity that encourages valuable, honest responses
  • Fully branded and personalized surveys sent automatically

About GoodTime Hire

GoodTime Hire helps you create great relationships with candidates to exceed their expectations and land top talent.


Every aspect of our solution, including automated scheduling, intelligent interviewer selection, interviewer training, and data insights, is designed to provide broad opportunities to adjust, automate, and personalize the way you connect with candidates.

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