Get excited: our team is always hard at work in making GoodTime the best it can be, and we’re here to share the latest product updates from June 2023. We have a brand new Interviewer Leaderboard, you can now schedule messages in the High Volume product, and more. Buckle up, let’s review!

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GoodTime Hire updates

We’ve polished the Schedule Now flow, improved the Interviewer Leaderboard, and added to the Request Availability function.

Enhanced Schedule Now flow

We’ve simplified and updated the time and time zone selection for Schedule Now so that you can spend less time updating time zones and clearing up misunderstandings, and more time getting interviews on the books.

GoodTime Hire's Schedule Now interview scheduling functionality.

New Interviewer Leaderboard

The Interviewer Leaderboard just got a facelift. This new leaderboard enables data to be pulled faster for any size organization. You can also slice interviewer data in new ways with dimensions like jobs and tags, all while getting instant graphic representation to share with your organization.

Hire's new Interviewer Leaderboard

Optional or no interviewers

The Request Availability feature is now fully functional without assigning interviewers, or making them optional while ensuring that potential business hours are respected. Collecting candidate availability before knowing exactly who will interview them is key to moving fast for high-priority hires.

GoodTime Hire's updated Request Availability function.

GoodTime Hire for High Volume updates

Send SMS to candidates from localized country codes, leverage drip campaigns for workflows, and more in our High Volume product.

Localized phone numbers

Global recruiting teams can now use localized country code phone numbers to message candidates.

Global recruiting teams can send SMS candidates from localized country codes.

Drip campaigns for workflows

With workflow automation, you can now set up single or multiple nudges, AKA drip campaigns, to automatically follow up with candidates. Keep unresponsive candidates engaged without lifting a finger.

Hire for High Volume's drip campaigns for reaching out to candidates.

Send later

Working late or on weekends, and don’t want to send messages right away? Schedule your SMS/Email/WhatsApp messages to send out at a future date and time.

Feature that allows recruiters to schedule reach-outs to candidates for a later time.

Other notable updates

  • Shortened URL links when texting candidates: When sending URLs, we’ve shortened the URLs for candidates to be a URL
  • Round robin & group interview support: Create interview templates that have multiple interviewers (round robin or group interviews)
  • WhatsApp workflow automation & reminders: Select WhatsApp as a communication channel for sending messages and interview requests

GoodTime Meet updates

A new routing feature, a useful way to collaborate on scheduling links, and more.


Route leads from your website to the correct people on your team and get them instantly scheduled. This way, once a potential customer or candidate has expressed interest, you can increase your chances of closing them by allowing them to immediately schedule with the right people on your team.

A scheduling feature that routes leads to the correct people

Scheduling link collaboration

Easily collaborate on scheduling links to enable others to quickly update and edit links. Share and delegate the operational load of managing important schedulings and provide visibility into your link settings.

A scheduling feature that lets you collaborate on scheduling links

Virtual team free/busy calendar

Share your free/busy time slots with people outside of your organization to find times when everyone is free.

A calendar scheduling feature that makes coordination more streamlined

Other notable updates

  • Enterprise account provisioning: Companies can now purchase an enterprise account and assign licenses to teammates
  • Company meeting categories: Standardize meeting categories at the company level that can be used by all teammates

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