We’re excited to introduce several new features and enhancements aimed at improving your hiring efficiency and candidate experience! Here’s what’s new to love in GoodTime this month:

  • Roundups can now be scheduled for multi-day interviews and can be standardized on a company, template & interview level.
  • Department Reporting has now been added to the Turnaround Time Report and Lead Time Report, pulse we’ve added support for Workday users.
  • Candidate Surveys & Knockout Screener Questionnaires  can now be fully customized

And that’s not all, so let’s dive in!

Watch the May 2024 GoodTime product updates webinar or keep scrolling for highlights

Roundup settings

Round up settings in GoodTime

Now you can set specific Roundup settings — company-wide, on a template level, or for individual interviews.

Why this is awesome: This flexibility allows full customization, while still avoiding manual steps for individual adjustments, saving time and standardizing your hiring process more than ever.

Multi-day roundups

You asked and we listened. Now you can easily schedule a single Roundup for multi-day interviews… and a single Roundup for all interviews that a candidate has completed.

Why this is awesome: Everyone operates differently. This feature will save time by automating Roundup scheduling, exactly the way you want it, without manual workarounds or mistakes.

MAIs in Lead Time Report

The Lead Time Report clearly outlines how the average lead time of your interviews correlates to monthly active interviewer counts.

Why this is awesome: Get a clear picture of how your MAI count affects lead time, to dial in the sweet spot of where your team operates the most efficiently.

Interview activity in Roundups notes

Now the activity notes from interviews will carry over to your Roundup, so you can stay informed or write additional notes, right from the Roundup scheduling page.

Why this is awesome: More transparency means getting it right the first time, without all the back & forth on various messaging services. 

Cancelation and reschedule reasons in notes

Last month, we introduced free text cancellation and reschedule reasons notes that were automatically shared with interviewers. Now, these notes are automatically injected in the Activity Notes section of your interview. 

Why this is awesome: Everyone immediately and automatically sees the same “one truth” about the series of events in scheduling your interviews, eliminating misunderstandings and unnecessary extra communication. That means happier teams and more time for scheduling top talent!

Custom questions and surveys

Custom survey questions in GoodTime

Brought to you by popular demand, GoodTime is excited to announce the pre-launch of Custom Questions and Surveys.

Why this is awesome: Gather exactly the data you need, in exactly the right part of the hiring process so that you can tune and improve with limitless possibilities. There won’t be any question you can’t get answers to, for any part of your process.

Customized knockout questions and answers

We’ve expanded our knockout question feature to allow for multiple answers and customized answers.

Why this is awesome: With the updated feature, you have more control over your screener questions to successfully knock candidates out of the interview process with more specific questions and answers.

Opt-in and opt-out from ATS

When collecting SMS consent from candidates in the Job Application, we now bring this data into GoodTime to display if a candidate has opted into SMS or not.

Why this is awesome: No more jumping back into the ATS to check if a candidate has opted into SMS. GoodTime now displays the status right in the messenger and prevents users from sending SMS to candidates if they have opted out.

Even more features and fixes

Improved logic for tracking departments that change

Auto-scroll to the first event in Calendar View

Calendar View in Roundups

CSV downloads for departments in insights

Superday Enhancements

  • Display warning to users a double booking can occur when the same interviewer exists in multiple groups for the same time slot
  • Display the interviewers in the groups and the time of the time block when hovering over time blocks to add or remove
  • Quickly add full day of availability, remove a day of availability, or remove all availability from interviewer groups

Start using the latest GoodTime features!

We want to help you evolve and take full advantage of the latest upgrades and improvements to our platform. Check out the GoodTime support center for tutorials and tips to help you stress less and get more done!

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