More data you can actually use, more automation to make your life easier, and a polish to some of the features you already love. It’s time to check out our last product releases of the summer, including:

  • Turnaround Time Report – All new report that drills down how much time your team spends in each phase of scheduling an interview, by job and stage!
  • Candidate Pulse Report – Capture and analyze Candidate Pulse scores to find the highs and lows of your candidate experience
  • Interview Blocks – You can now set up interview blocks in your calendar and have GoodTime schedule only during those hours
  • High Volume + Workday – Workday users can now send SMS and WhatsApp messages, and automate tasks like sending interview requests as soon as candidates enter a stage
  • For Meet, we’ve added built-in To-Do Lists and are introducing an I9 Verification Playbook

Get all the details below!

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GoodTime Hire updates

Introducing the Turnaround Time Report

Turnaround time report

This all-new report breaks down how much time your team is spending on each phase of scheduling an interview.

Why this is awesome:

For the first time, you can drill down and find your fastest and slowest scheduling flows and use this information to lock down top talent faster than ever.

Built-in benchmarking


Benchmarking allows you to look at any of the new GoodTime reports and compare your company’s performance to other market leaders.

Why this is awesome:

Many times we work in the dark and it’s difficult to assess whether metrics are irregular or not. Benchmarking gives you a clear insight into whether you are on track or if there’s a need to make some improvements.

Candidate Pulse Report

candidate pulse score

The Candidate Pulse score is the fastest and most unbiased way to track candidate experience through every part of your hiring process. We’re excited to share that the first iteration is now available in GoodTime Hire!

Why this is awesome: There are so many moving parts in the end-to-end hiring process. The Pulse Report will allow you to drill down to a higher granularity than ever and find your highest performers as well as areas for improvement.

Hire for High Volume updates

Our high-volume hiring features keep getting better and better. Here’s our latest round of upgrades:

Workday ATS support

GoodTime texting in and automation in Workday

Use our Workday integration to send SMS and WhatsApp messages and automate activities like sending interview scheduling requests as soon as candidates enter a new stage of your process.

Why this is awesome: Workday ATS customers now can now use high-volume hiring features like texting, WhatsApp, and workflow automation to hire even faster!

Outlook email support

Outlook email in GoodTime

Integrate your Outlook account to send standalone emails and scheduling requests to your candidates in GoodTime with just one click.

Why this is awesome:

You can now communicate and schedule interviews with your candidates however they (and you) prefer!

Bulk cancel interviews

bulk cancel interviews in GoodTime

Select candidates from the Job View page to bulk cancel old interviews or if you need to close a requisition and have interviews still scheduled.

Why this is awesome: In a couple of clicks, you can now bulk cancel dozens of interviews and provide a custom cancellation message to your candidates.

Even more updates!

Enhanced Email Design & Functionality

  • Format emails with bolding, italicizing, numbered orders, etc.
  • Customize subject lines for interview requests and one-off emails
  • BCC and CC any email address in your outreach

Email Message Templates

  • Create specific email templates for formatting, subject lines, and CC and BCC inclusions

New User Onboarding  improvements

  • Save message templates in the current workflow
  • Apply message templates in the communication to schedule blurbs
  • Added filter for High Volume templates in the interview templates setting section

Meet updates

We’ve got more features to make meeting scheduling a breeze — no matter the situation.

To-Do Lists

To-Do List in GoodTime Meet

Quickly create To-Dos and reminders to help you get work done directly from your Meet calendar.  

Why this is awesome:

No need to bounce between apps! To-Dos is built straight into GoodTime Meet so now you can share availability, book meetings, and create action items all in one place.

Get our I9 verification playbook

If you’re all done with I9 verification, huge kudos to you and your team! Many teams today are rushing to complete I9 verification to meet government-mandated requirements by the August deadline. If you’re still catching up yourself, we’ve put together an I9 verification playbook for you.

Why this is awesome: Quickly and efficiently schedule thousands of mandatory in-person or remote I9 Verification interviews using a few quick Meet scheduling links.

More updates to Meet

Routing – Support for split default actions

After users complete your route, you can now assign different default actions (such as redirects, thank you messages, and pages) depending on whether the user was qualified.

Calendar – invite external guests

You can now quickly invite guests to your calendar events outside of your organization. Simply add their email address.

Calendar – Drag and drop

Drag and drop calendar events to reschedule them and also change their duration.

Enterprise billing page

Company Admins on Enterprise accounts can quickly assign and re-assign licenses to their teammates without having to reach out to support.

Looking to make the most of GoodTime?

We’re always adding new features to help you hit your goals and stress less. Check out our support center for tutorials and tips to help you take advantage of everything GoodTime has to offer!

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