Wonder who drives our product roadmap? It’s actually you, our customers! And this month, we’ve got some updates you’ve been specifically asking for, so let’s jump right into it:

  • Custom Questionnaire Downloads: Download your custom questionnaire results in spreadsheets, complete with department info and more!
  • Our New Slack Integration is more robust with more reminders, notifications, and new functionality to create channels during the scheduling workflow.
  • Our Early Access Program is now built into GoodTime! You can opt into our Early Access features, view Help Center articles, and toggle on for users/the entire company all inside of GoodTime

And that’s just the start. Here are our full June 2024 Product Updates.

Watch the June 2024 GoodTime product updates webinar or keep scrolling for highlights

New question type for Custom Questionnaires: Scale

scale questions in GoodTime

Last month, we launched the all-new Custom Questionnaire feature and to keep the momentum going we already introduced a new question type: Scale.

Why this is awesome: Scale lets you funnel your research into an objective scale that can be customized to exactly your needs. Start and end where you want, and the labels are your choice!

Custom Questionnaire downloads

Now you can download the results in a moldable spreadsheet, complete with department info and more.

Why this is awesome: Segment your data per survey and format it exactly how you need, to present the results in the way that makes most sense to your organization.

Our new Slack integration

We’ve rebuilt our Slack Integration from the ground up to provide more notifications, reminders, and new functionality.

Why this is awesome: With our newest Slack integration, you have more interviewer reminders which can help drive scorecard submissions and responses to calendar invites. We’ve also added the ability to create Slack Channels in the scheduling workflow to automate more of your workload.

Early Access Program update

GoodTime Early Access Program

Customers can opt into Early Access features without needing to reach out to GoodTime to have the feature enabled.

Why this is awesome: The new Early Access program provides visibility into what new features are coming to GoodTime with the ability to toggle on for the entire company, or just a select few users.

Improved iCIMS integration with Superdays and Autopilot

Customers with iCIMS as an ATS can now:

  • Bulk Message and send interview requests via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Create workflows to automatically trigger actions such as SMS/Email and Interview Requests
  • Message Candidates right from the Lever ATS without leaving
  • Use the Superdays product for event scheduling

Start using the latest GoodTime features!

We want to help you evolve and take full advantage of the latest upgrades and improvements to our platform. Check out the GoodTime support center for tutorials and tips to help you stress less and get more done!

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