Get excited: our team is always hard at work in making GoodTime the best it can be, and we’re here to share the latest product updates from May 2023. Expect some exciting GoodTime Hire automation features, enhancements to Flexible Scheduling, and new GoodTime Meet company admin controls. Buckle up, let’s review!

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GoodTime Hire Updates

We’ve amped up the logic behind GoodTime’s algorithm, introduced additional features to help large enterprises hire with greater efficiency, and more.

More Time Slots

The processing power and logic of GoodTime’s algorithm got a major boost. Now, GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling produces more time slot options than ever before. That means more flexibility, faster interview scheduling, and reduced time-to-hire.

GoodTime Hire's new time slots feature

Optimization for Large Tags

We’ve now revamped the way tags operate. Interviewers who are low on interviews and closer in time zone get prioritized until enough times are found. Candidates now get time slots that are most suitable for their time zone and all interviewers get a chance to contribute. 

GoodTime Hire's optimization for large tags feature

Multiple Calendar Tenants Support

Large enterprises often have a number of subsidiaries or business units that are on separate domains and calendar services. Talent teams can now serve multiple subsidiaries within the corporation, as GoodTime supports calendar visibility across various calendar tenants.

GoodTime Hire's multiple calendar tenants support feature

Other Notable Updates

  • Auto Load Time Slots: Days and times now automatically open as the candidate uses their Request Availability link
  • Time Zone Mandatory for Onsite Interviews: When you make an interview or template “onsite” it is now mandatory to set a time zone. This prevents the suggestion of inappropriate times.
  • More Accurate Assignment of Candidate Time Zone: GoodTime now reassesses the time zone of each candidate every time they open the Request Availability link. This keeps details more up-to-date than ever for accurate scheduling.

GoodTime Hire for High Volume Updates

We’ve introduced a new automation feature, implemented additional support for emailing in bulk, and more.

Workflow Automation

Automate as little or as much of your recruiting process with Hire for High Volume’s newest feature, Workflow Automation. You can automate tasks such as sending an interview request as soon as a candidate enters a stage.

GoodTime Hire for High Volume's workflow automation feature

Trigger Actions in Business Hours

Workflow Automation also allows you to trigger actions to only occur during business hours. For instance, set communication with your candidates to only occur during Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Another one of GoodTime Hire for High Volume's workflow automation features

Bulk Email Support and Chrome Extension

Quickly send 1:1 emails to candidates via the Chrome extension or dozens of emails to dozens of candidates at once through our new Bulk Email feature.

GoodTime Hire for High Volume's bulk email support feature

Other Notable Updates

  • Updating Phone Numbers Before Workflow Automation: We’ll ensure candidates receive your messages by updating their phone numbers
  • Multiple Reminders Delivered: Candidates receive reminders 24 hours before an interview and one hour before an interview
  • Display Icons for No Phone Number/Invalid Phone Number: See in the Job View page when a candidate has no phone number versus an invalid phone number

GoodTime Meet Updates

Company admins, feast your eyes on some new updates just for you. Plus: enjoy a new interface for taking a quick peek at your calendar. 

Company Agenda Templates

Company admins can create agenda templates to share with the entire company. Maintain consistency and save your team’s time.

GoodTime Meet's company agenda templates feature

Company Branding

Company admins can set branding default images and colors used by the entire company. Ensure all employees use the same branding when sharing Meet scheduling links.

GoodTime Meet's company branding feature

Calendar Quick View

View the most important details on your calendar events in a fresh new interface. Join meetings in a single click, quickly update RSVPs, reschedule meetings, and get back into action without wasting time.

GoodTime Meet's calendar quick view feature

Other Notable Updates

  • Meet Calendar Performance Updates: We’ve made several performance updates to decrease loading times for calendar pages
  • Meet Calendar Event Edit Updates: Add more capabilities to the calendar event edit page such as adding rooms, rescheduling, marking events as public/private, changing the calendar written to, and much more.

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