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Meet the team to help get the job done. We carefully select marketing partners for our our ever-growing network to create a best-in-class talent acquisition community that is especially attuned to the realities and challenges of hiring in today’s market.

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Crosschq provides AI-driven cloud-based SaaS solutions to help talent and HR leaders hire, source, onboard, measure, and retain talent while providing a single source of truth for Quality of Hire.
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Metaview is a platform for improving interviews at ambitious companies. We provide data, insights, and training flows that help interviewers calibrate and improve.
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Sequoia Capital

We help the daring build legendary companies
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Walton Management

Walton is a leading provider of Point-of-Hire Tax Credits for companies across all industries. Our integrated solution delivers a streamlined approach to screen employees for all available point-of-hire tax credits seamlessly. Walton leverages proven best practices developed over 40 years coupled with the most advanced technology platform in the industry to maximize tax credits through a simple user experience.
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GoodTime partner AWS

AWS Activate

AWS Activate offers startups free tools, resources, and more to quickly get started on AWS

The easier way to employ globally. Remote builds belonging for your team with payroll, benefits, & compliance solutions.
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