GoodTime Year in Review

Looking back at everything the GoodTime community accomplished this year!

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We’re so excited to share what our amazing community of customers has achieved this year.

We put this report together to celebrate you — our customers — and your ability to innovate, to thrive in challenging circumstances, and to achieve more with less. 2023 wasn’t easy by any means, but you crushed it anyway and we’re so glad to have been your partner in building strong, resilient teams.

Cheers to celebrating your accomplishments this year before we do it even bigger and better in 2024!


Ahryun Moon

Co-Founder and Head of Company Strategy

About this data
All data in this report represents an aggregation of all GoodTime user activity for the period of January 1, 2023, to November 30, 2023.

You scheduled over 1.6 million interviews this year!

The biggest month for interviews was October, and November was a close second!

You got interviews scheduled fast!

Like, really fast.

Customers who used GoodTime’s auto-scheduling feature confirmed interviews within 1 day of requesting availability on average.
And you didn’t keep candidates or hiring managers waiting! On average, these interviews took place within 6 days of the original request.

Interview scheduling benchmarks at a glance

Time to Schedule

Time from when the scheduling
process begins to when the
interview takes place

179.5 hours

Manual confirm

145.8 hours

Auto confirm

Turnaround time

The time between when an interview schedule is initiated and when the event is confirmed in a calendar

35.5 hours

Manual confirm

20.5 hours

Auto confirm

Lead time

The time between when an interview is confirmed in a calendar and when the interview actually takes place

128.8 hours

Manual confirm

116.9 hours

Auto confirm


total unique interviewers met with your candidates


people were enrolled in GoodTime’s interviewer training paths

You conducted interviews in over 150 countries around the world

From Los Angeles to Paris to Tokyo, teams used GoodTime to build up a strong global workforce. Below are the top interview locations by continent.
*These cities are designated by the closest available time zone, as selected by the interview scheduler. Interviews were not necessarily scheduled from or conducted within the city.

2.9 million+

hours spent interviewing

And that doesn’t even count all the time you spent preparing, training your interviewers, debriefing with hiring managers, and everything else you do to grow your organization thoughtfully!

We may be a little biased, but we think TA teams were nothing short of heroic this year.

New GoodTime features released in 2023

We’ve been hard at work making GoodTime even more useful for TA teams — so you can automate the mundane and focus on the highest-value work. This year, we crossed a ton of features off your wish list, including:




Event & Superday

AI-powered Job

New Recruiting

New Interviewer

Turnaround Time &
Lead Time Reports

Training Report


Cancellation & Reschedule
Reasons Tracking


Bulk Messaging
& Scheduling


Localized Phone
Number Support

Bulk Interview

and a whole lot more!

We’re going even further in 2024

First, it’s time for you to take a little break. You deserve it!

And we’ll be here when you’re ready to crush your hiring goals in the new year. Reach out to your CSM for help scheduling faster, filling roles more easily, automating mundane work, and taking time back in your day to focus on your true superpowers.