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GoodTime, the HR industry’s first and only hiring experience solution, announced its recognition as a Greenhouse Customer-Preferred Partner. This partnership between GoodTime and Greenhouse, the hiring software company, helps recruiting teams automate the interview process to reduce the time-to-hire while improving candidate experience.

“Becoming a Customer-Preferred Partner provider is a testament to the value our customers receive when they embrace the GoodTime and Greenhouse integrated solution to enhance their interview management and candidate experience to ultimately land top talent,” said Don Darrah, Head of Partnerships at GoodTime. 

Greenhouse’s Customer-Preferred Partner Program is designed to streamline the process of creating the optimal tech stack for companies — whether starting from scratch or selecting by category, customers can get a clear sense of what tools their peers are using successfully. 

“We’re proud to welcome GoodTime to the Customer-Preferred Partner program which highlights companies that have a long history of delivering quality experiences for Greenhouse customers,” said Garret Starr, Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse. “With the demand for talent increasing, we’re seeing even more focus on technology that drives efficiency throughout every part of the funnel. GoodTime plays a key role helping with the tricky problem of complex scheduling, ensuring that recruiting teams can spend time with candidates and not calendars.”

Elevating the Candidate Experience With Tech

Greenhouse customers can easily leverage GoodTime to help recruiting coordinators match the right set of interviewers to each candidate, providing a best-in-class experience from the very first touchpoint and reducing time to hire by up to 50%.

“The fastest hiring team typically gets the best candidates. GoodTime and Greenhouse helped us accomplish that,” said Erika Thorson-Garay, Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp.

“We’re committed to modernizing interviews by making them more effective at selecting the best candidates. The journey we’ve taken with our Greenhouse customers, along with the value they have realized with the integration has enabled us to elevate to the Customer-Preferred Partner status,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO of GoodTime. “We look forward to more mutual customers having their recruiting teams spend less time coordinating interviews and instead, focus on attracting the best talent to reach their company’s hiring goals.” customers can learn more about GoodTime and schedule a demo here. 

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