In the distance economy, the talent competition continues to grow more cut-throat as remote jobs garner hundreds upon thousands of eager applicants. Fine-tuning your hiring strategy to foster a strong candidate relationship makes the difference between a candidate accepting or rejecting an offer. 

For candidates like Seth Waterman, feeling prioritized during the interview process made accepting the role of Partner Sales Director at Databricks a no-brainer.

With GoodTime in their tech stack, Databricks streamlines their hiring to win over Seth and other stellar candidates. But that’s not all. Thanks to GoodTime’s interviewer training paths, Databricks increased the size of their interviewer pool, allowing them to move candidates forward faster and deliver quick and easy candidate experiences.

Read on to learn how GoodTime helped Seth accept Databricks’ job offer by boosting one of the most defining factors in every interview: the candidate relationship.

Igniting the Candidate Relationship

Fast-Tracked Hiring Process

73% of job seekers say that job hunting is one of the most stressful events of life. Painstakingly long hiring procedures can only make matters worse. Throughout his job search, Seth experienced this all-too-common reality: companies with drawn-out interview processes that sour the candidate experience.

That’s where Databricks stood out from the crowd. After using GoodTime to supercharge their hiring, what could’ve been over a month-long interview process took less than three weeks.

“It was the first time in six years that I had really considered making a move in my career, and with the speed and pace that they worked at through GoodTime, it really made me feel the urgency that they had in me as a candidate.”

— Seth Waterman, Partner Sales Director at Databricks

When companies double down on their tech stack to implement a smooth interview process, candidates feel that their time is honored. From here, the candidate relationship only grows stronger.

Candidate-Driven Interviews

With 87% of candidates preferring to lead interviews, it’s no surprise that candidate-driven interview processes yield more success than the company-driven approach. With the help of GoodTime’s advanced interview scheduling, Databricks put Seth in the driver’s seat with a hiring process centered around his schedule. 

As over half of job seekers prefer more flexibility over a higher salary, flexibility is a growing priority for candidates. Making self-scheduling a central part of the hiring process can be key to creating a great first impression — and first impressions are everything when it comes to recruitment.

How a candidate is treated in the interview process heavily dictates whether they accept a job offer. In fact, 68% of applicants believe that how they’re treated as a candidate reflects how the organization treats their employees. Implementing a candidate-driven interview process ensures candidates that they’d be stepping into a flexible and trusting work environment.

Learn More About Seth’s Candidate Experience

In the end, both Seth and the Databricks recruiting team came out on top. Seth felt valued at every step of his interview journey, and the recruiting team snagged a star candidate. Prioritizing the candidate relationship to win top talent: it works every time.

“If you’re not using GoodTime today, I’d definitely look into it. If you’re interested in having a premier candidate experience for your company, it will go a long way in creating that type of atmosphere.”

— Seth Waterman, Partner Sales Director at Databricks

Watch the video below to hear more about Seth’s experience with Databricks and GoodTime.

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