The 2024 Hiring Insights Report: Manufacturing Edition from GoodTime highlights how the sector is embracing AI and automation to navigate a hiring landscape marked by labor shortages, a surge in specialized talent needs, and evolving work models.

San Francisco – March 26, 2024

Today, GoodTime released its 2024 Hiring Insights Report: Manufacturing Edition, revealing how talent acquisition (TA) teams in the manufacturing sector have turned to technology to counter hiring challenges.

Amidst a surge in specialized talent demands, particularly for roles like software engineers, the manufacturing sector achieved 44.3% of their hiring goals on average in 2023. The report, based on insights from 105 HR and TA professionals in the sector, shows a shift towards embracing technology to optimize hiring efficiency and improve candidate experience.

Key findings from the report:

  • 100% of manufacturing TA teams surveyed used some form of automation or AI.
  • 86% of TA leaders in the sector plan to invest in more hiring technology in 2024.
  • Persistent challenges include adapting to remote work, managing compensation expectations, and talent retention.
  • 38% of manufacturing companies reported layoffs in 2023.

Manufacturing’s strategic response:

In the face of massive hiring hurdles, the sector’s TA leaders have:

  • Integrated AI and automation in areas like resume screening and interview scheduling.
  • Enhanced the candidate experience and interview scheduling process.
  • Standardized hiring processes for improved efficiency and fairness.

“Manufacturing companies are not just adapting, but innovating at an impressive rate,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO & Co-Founder of GoodTime. “It’s a sector where balancing technological advancements with the human element isn’t just a strategy – it’s a necessity. This pivot towards AI and smarter hiring processes isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about setting a new standard for how we approach talent acquisition in an industry known for its resilience and ingenuity.”

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