So you found a stellar candidate, received their availability, and got them on the books to interview for your company. Now, it’s time to send out an interview confirmation email.

While this email may seem inconsequential, the interview confirmation email is one of the first impressions that candidates get of your company. You need to set the right tone to start forming a genuine bond with candidates.

Read on for the core elements you should include in your email, and for an interview confirmation email template that’ll start you off on the right foot.

Steps To Creating an Interview Confirmation Email

Make no mistake, this isn’t just your every day email. When confirming your candidate’s interview, follow these steps to refine your communication.

1. Start With the Who, What, When, Where

The last thing you want to do is bury the most important details. Begin your email with the following information: 

  • What: State that you’re confirming their upcoming interview for [position title] at [your company]. They might’ve applied to multiple positions at your organization, so mention which one you’re referring to.
  • Who: Specify who’s interviewing the candidate and what their title is.
  • When: Identify the date, time, and duration of the interview. Include the specific calendar date and the time zone for added clarity.
  • Where: Mention if this interview is virtual or on-site. If on-site, include the address. If virtual, direct them to the appropriate interview link.

Bonus tip: To provide candidates with more information on who they’ll speak to, include a hyperlink to the interviewer’s LinkedIn.

2. Provide Directions for Rescheduling

A candidate may need to reschedule their interview due to unforeseen circumstances. Put empathetic recruiting into practice by openly recognizing that life happens.

Include a sentence that clarifies what a candidate should do if they must reschedule. For instance, provide them with the appropriate contact information to reach out to, or direct them to your recruitment tech’s rescheduling functionality.

3. State Your Openness to Questions or Concerns

You never know what’s going on inside a candidate’s brain. Even if they have questions about their upcoming interview, they might feel reluctant to ask them. This could be due to the pressure to seem 100% polished and well-prepared. 

Convey that it’s natural to have questions or concerns—especially with something as important as an interview—and direct them to an email and/or phone number to reach out to if anything arises.

4. Review for Accuracy, Brevity, and Clarity

Imagine the stress of sending a candidate the wrong date and time for their interview. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Before you send out your interview confirmation email, review it for the ABC’s of communication: accuracy, brevity, and clarity. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Accuracy: Does the email include errors in content, spelling, or grammar?
  • Brevity: Are there unnecessary words or sentences that detract from the vital details?
  • Clarity: Is the email’s content and structure easy to read and coherent to follow?

Bonus tip: Along with the ABC’s, review your email for tone of voice. For instance, if your brand voice is fun and upbeat, include some emojis to convey that voice (but don’t overdo it).

The Perfect Interview Confirmation Email Template

Email subject line: Interview Confirmation – [company name] [virtual/on-site] Interview for [position title]

Hello [candidate’s name],

This is a confirmation of your upcoming [virtual/on-site] interview for the {position title] role at [company name]. Below are the details of your interview:

When: [date, time, duration]

Where: [interview link if virtual, address if on-site]

Who: [name(s) and position title(s) of interviewer(s)]

Should you need to reschedule, you can [insert directions here; for example, direct them to your tech’s rescheduling functionality] to change your date and time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email address and/or phone number] with any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

[your name]

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