How it all started

During the pandemic, Zoom became a household name by providing frictionless video communication to people across the world. To keep up with their sudden demand, Zoom rapidly doubled its employee count, and the recruitment team went from managing 2,000 interviews per quarter to 11,000. 

Though the team tried frantically to keep up with scheduling volume, they experienced major backlogs in their hiring pipelines that led to great candidates dropping out and too many unhappy hiring managers. To keep up with the new volume, Zoom turned to GoodTime to automate its processes.

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What we were trying to achieve

Kristen Vance and her recruitment team knew they had to ease recruiter load, speed up processes, and find candidates fast. Her team wasted too much precious time and mental energy playing “calendar Tetris”. 

Zoom’s recruiting coordinators wanted to spend more time on valuable activities, like creating a more personalized candidate experience, and less on sending back-and-forth emails. The goal was simple: GoodTime Hire needed to minimize Zoom’s time spent scheduling each interview to make recruiting much more manageable.

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“We were really looking for a scheduling solution that could really automate our process. We’re able to reduce our time-to-fill by scheduling faster while handling a larger scheduling load.”

Kristen Vance, Technical Recruiting Coordinator
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A match made in heaven

Hire enabled Zoom to reduce their time-to-fill by making scheduling easier for candidates and empowering recruiters to schedule faster. Now, candidates can self-schedule their interviews at their favorite time. 

Better yet, Hire automatically syncs calendars so everyone is at the right place at the right time. With streamlined processes in place, Zoom’s recruiting coordinators can forecast their hires, create connections, and move quickly in a competitive job market.

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Where we landed


Interviews per quarter


more interviews scheduled


Increase in head count

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“GoodTime has incredibly impacted our candidate experience, and the feedback from candidates has been that they absolutely love it. They’ve remarked on the ease of use, and the quick turnaround keeps momentum going for the candidates and carries their excitement to the interview.”

Kristen Vance, Technical Recruiting Coordinator
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