How it all started

Erick started out as a passive candidate. Finding a new opportunity wasn’t his number one priority, yet the culture and the product behind Beamery reeled him in.

From ambiguous communication with recruiters, to long wait times in between touchpoints, Erick is no stranger to the typical frustrations within many hiring processes. He didn’t know what to expect from Beamery’s recruiting experience.

 But with GoodTime Hire in their tech stack, Beamery provided Erick with a high-quality, candidate-focused interview process that he wouldn’t soon forget.

A five-star hiring process

With Hire’s Candidate Relationship Intelligence, Beamery’s recruitment team elevated their recruiting efforts to build a genuine connection with Erick. Instead of playing guessing games and waiting games, Erick enjoyed a clear-cut hiring process.

Hire’s intelligent scheduling automation eliminated time-consuming back-and-forth communication, allowing both Erick and Beamery’s recruiters to spend more time on what really matters: forming a meaningful bond with one another.

Better yet, Hire’s automated, personalized interview invites and reminders removed any and all ambiguity from the equation. No longer did Erick have to deal with hiring processes that provide more questions than answers.

“There was no guesswork. I knew when my next calls were and I knew who they were with. It was easy to schedule them through GoodTime.”

Erick Green, Account Executive at Beamery
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An undeniable connection

Meaningfully connecting with the recruiters at Beamery made the interview process an overwhelmingly positive experience — one that transformed Erick from a passive candidate who wasn’t actively looking for a new job — to one of Beamery’s new Account Executives.

The companies with the best tech and the most efficient hiring strategy snag the best candidates, and Erick’s experience with Beamery and GoodTime is living proof.

“When you’re not worrying about the scheduling, you can worry about the one-on-one interaction which is going to provide a better candidate experience and ultimately, I think, more hires and quicker hires.”

Erick Green, Account Executive at Beamery
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