How it all started

Throughout his job search, Seth Waterman experienced an all-too-common reality: long, drawn-out interview processes that sour the hiring experience. 

Despite his interest in certain companies, their hiring efficiency — or lack thereof — left Seth questioning their own interest in him. Time and time again, companies dropped the ball on valuing Seth as a candidate and cultivating the candidate relationship.

That’s where Databricks and GoodTime Hire stood out from the crowd.

A five-star hiring process

With Hire in Databricks’ tech stack, Seth enjoyed an interview process that provided all he could ever hope for: a quick, easy, and painless experience. What’s better than that?

Thanks to Hire’s Candidate Relationship Intelligence, excessively long interview processes became a thing of the past. Through the power of automated coordination, what could’ve been over a month-long process took less than three weeks. 

What’s more, Hire’s self-scheduling functionality put Seth in the driver’s seat with a recruiting process centered around his calendar. Seth didn’t have to question Databricks’ interest in him — their candidate-driven hiring process spoke for itself.

“With the speed and pace that [my company] worked at, through GoodTime, it really made me feel the urgency that they had in me as a candidate. The hiring process was great; it was fast, it was quick, it was based upon my schedule. It really put them ahead of the other companies I was looking at.”

Seth Waterman, Partner Sales Director at Databricks
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An undeniable connection

Feeling prioritized during the interview process made accepting the position of Partner Sales Director at Databricks seem like a no-brainer.

In the end, both Seth and Databricks came out on top. Seth felt that Databricks valued his time at every step of his interview journey, and the recruiting team snagged a star candidate. Using Candidate Relationship Intelligence to meaningfully connect with candidates: it works every time.

“If you have candidates that you are interested in and want to move quickly on, GoodTime is a great technology to use. My experience was great and I’d recommend it.”

Seth Waterman, Partner Sales Director at Databricks
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