San Francisco, CA (JANUARY 25, 2023)GoodTime, the Meeting Optimization Engine that makes business meetings smarter, announces a new integration with Uber for Business, Uber’s enterprise arm, to help recruiting teams further automate the interview process and reduce time-to-hire while offering a perk-enhanced candidate experience. This is a first-of-its-kind integration for Uber for Business in the HR and recruiting industries, creating an elevated experience for candidates and a true innovation for hiring teams. 

The last year has amplified the importance of attracting and retaining employees. As the labor market shifts, companies are paying even closer attention to hiring the right person for the right role, which is critical when navigating a challenging economic environment. With demand for hiring efficiency increasing, there’s a renewed focus on technology to help streamline processes and improve the candidate experience, onsite and remote.  

The GoodTime and Uber for Business integration lets companies include vouchers for rides and meals with Uber to prospective hires directly in their interview calendar invites. For onsite interviews, teams can offer vouchers for rides with Uber to get them to the office, enhancing the candidate experience. For remote interviews, candidates can enjoy vouchers for meal deliveries with Uber Eats for a “lunch on the company.” 

“The collaboration between GoodTime and Uber for Business is a win-win for talent leaders,” said Don Darrah, Head of Partnerships at GoodTime. “Thanks to the integration with vouchers from Uber for Business, candidates get a world-class experience before the interview process even begins, allowing hiring teams to focus on landing top talent.” 

“Going the extra mile to offer vouchers for rides and meals shows candidates you care about their experience holistically,” said Susan Anderson, Global Head of Uber for Business. “Demonstrating a people-first approach from the start helps to differentiate your company from the competition.” 

The Uber for Business integration can be leveraged directly in GoodTime to help recruiting coordinators offer candidates vouchers from Uber for Business. GoodTime automatically adds vouchers to email invitations so that candidates have everything they need in one spot. This seamless, integrated experience can improve candidate engagement and provides a best-in-class experience from the very first touchpoint.

“The fastest hiring team offering the best experience typically gets the best candidates. For the first time in HR tech, GoodTime and Uber for Business offer that,” said Ahryun Moon, co-founder and Head of Company Strategy for GoodTime. 

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