“Candidate Relationship Intelligence.” Maybe you’ve heard the buzz around this phrase on our social media or in previous blog posts, or perhaps this is your first introduction to it. Regardless, we’re glad you’re here. If there was ever a prime time to get acquainted with Candidate Relationship Intelligence, the time is now.

In case you haven’t noticed, the hiring landscape has faced some drastic changes in the past few years. Hiring is now tough all over. The only way to succeed is to evolve your hiring methods and tools. That’s where Candidate Relationship Intelligence comes in.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s first dive into why we need Candidate Relationship Intelligence now more than ever. 

The State of Hiring

Talent teams currently stand at the intersection of multiple macro trends. For one, we face an unprecedented talent shortage that coincides with the Great Resignation. As a way to mitigate this shortage, many companies now hire remotely. Yet in turn, hiring in the absence of physical contact makes creating a positive candidate experience even more challenging. 

On top of all this, the expectations of candidates have skyrocketed. For instance, candidates now highly covet a speedy hiring process. But even more than that, candidates expect companies to transparently showcase their stance on intangible elements, such as DEIB, flexibility, employee well-being, and social good. Candidates want to learn more about an employer’s stance on those elements through forming a genuine connection with them. 

If talent teams want to win in this all-time competitive hiring market, superficial hiring tactics must be laid to rest. In our 2022 Hiring Insights Report, 46% of HR and talent leaders agreed that creating meaningful relationships with candidates is now non-negotiable. In fact, out of all the companies surveyed, the ones that implemented four or more candidate-focused hiring practices outperformed others in hiring goal attainment.

It’s clear that the future of attracting, winning, and retaining top talent is meaningful interactions. In order to hit their hiring goals, teams must utilize new tools to boost efficiency and build authentic relationships with candidates.

The Way Forward: Candidate Relationship Intelligence

The solution to connecting with candidates and beating the talent competition is none other than Candidate Relationship Intelligence. Three core pillars compose this solution. These three pillars all feed into each other to keep the Candidate Relationship Intelligence machine moving.

Pillar 1: Automation

A long time-to-hire can sour your candidate relationships and cause disengaged applicants to consider alternate opportunities. More than half of applicants will move on if they haven’t heard from an employer within two weeks of applying. 

That’s why Candidate Relationship Intelligence brings automation to the recruitment process to remove any time lag on the recruiting team and candidate side. It automates everything that goes into coordinating an interview, from simple phone interviews, all the way to complex multi-stakeholder interviews.

Pillar 2: Relationship

Creating a genuine, long lasting bond with candidates starts with having the right interviewers in each interview. A negative interviewing experience can completely shatter a candidate’s impression of your company. In fact, 44% of job seekers say that their experience in the interview stage is the most influential part of the hiring process. This makes interviewer selection and training mission critical. 

A Candidate Relationship Intelligence solution helps to ensure that each interview includes interviewers with the right skill sets, well-trained interviewers, and diversity across the interview panelists. All of these factors combine to deliver a positive interviewing experience for candidates that further nurtures their relationship with an employer and the recruiting team.

Pillar 3: Insights

Your time-to-hire and relationships with candidates won’t improve if you don’t actively measure them. That’s what makes this third and final pillar so crucial.

Candidate Relationship Intelligence empowers recruiting teams with actionable insights—such as interviewer performance and recruiting team performance—to continuously optimize their relationships and the effectiveness of each interview. With an increased visibility on your hiring process, you’ll have an even deeper understanding of the actions you need to take to hit your hiring goals.

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