High-volume hiring isn’t for the faint of heart. Hiring a mass amount of candidates in a short time frame AND investing the time to create bespoke candidate relationships with each potential hire? Recruitment teams must practically become superheroes to get the job done.

Recruiting coordinators should always focus on fostering strong candidate relationships, but when overwhelmed with the unique challenges that come with hiring at scale for rapidly growing companies, how can you possibly make time for candidates?

Here’s the good news: with the right strategies and software, you’ll hire at scale AND develop genuine candidate relationships in one fell swoop. 

Don’t get trapped in a cycle of tedious recruiting tasks at the expense of your candidates. Read on to discover key ways to keep the candidate relationship front and center while acing high-volume hiring. 

Grow Your Interviewer Pool

The last thing you want to deal with when hiring a large number of employees is an interviewer pool that’s much too small for your scheduling needs. Expanding this pool is an absolute must-do to guarantee that you always have quality interviewers at your fingertips.

Need further encouragement to grow your interviewer pool? Consider the cost of interviewer burnout. Our studies show that 30% of employees typically handle 70% of the interviewer load. When interviewers find themselves bogged down by heavy workloads, they can’t possibly be on their A-game to connect with candidates.

Interviewer training is the key to evenly distributing the interview load across your company’s employees. Training your interviewers might sound time consuming in the context of high-volume hiring, but have no fear: tech tools make scaling interviewer pools an effortless process.

After you train more employees in the art of interviewing, you’ll have a large group of capable interviewers with ample time to personally connect with candidates — even in the middle of chaotic high-volume recruiting seasons.

Automate Your Interview Scheduling

When you say good-bye to manual scheduling and hello to automation, everything falls into place. Suddenly you can spend more time prioritizing candidates and less time playing calendar tetris.

Automated candidate-driven scheduling streamlines your high-volume hiring and mitigates long wait times to ensure that candidates move on to the next step in the process as soon as possible. After all, recruiting coordinators are busy, but so are candidates. Candidates don’t want to wait around for someone to schedule their interview, so why not let them schedule themselves?

Allowing candidates to self-schedule their interviews based on their own calendar eliminates back-and-forth emails and conveys that you appreciate their time. That’s a win-win.

Rediscover Eligible Candidates

The best strategy when high-volume hiring: work smarter, not harder. Before you scour the job boards for qualified candidates, first identify the candidates you already have at hand that fit the criteria for a new opportunity.

Now is the time to consider previous silver or bronze-medal candidates. Just because you passed on a candidate previously doesn’t mean that you should forget about them — the timing might not have been right, another candidate might’ve narrowly beat them, or the candidate might’ve been better suited for a different position.

In addition to considering previous candidates, you can also look into current employees who are interested in switching jobs internally and talent that your hiring team connected with at professional events.

Tapping into candidates that are already on your radar gives your hiring efforts a boost by eliminating the time it takes to source and screen fresh candidates. Not only that, but reaching out to old connections promotes positive candidate relationships through the power of continuous candidate engagement.

Engage with Candidate Experience Surveys

In a perfect recruiting world, we’d suggest for you to supply each every candidate with feedback on how they performed within your hiring process. But this is the real world, and sending each candidate feedback is nearly impossible to do when hiring in mass quantities.

What is possible is sending automated candidate experience surveys to your candidates. Collecting candidate feedback through anonymous surveys provides an inside look at the current state of the candidate relationship within your hiring process, straight from the perspectives of those who know your hiring process best: your candidates. 

This is a highly effective, highly low-effort way for you to collect crucial data to improve your recruitment strategies and keep candidates engaged, all without expending valuable time and energy during your hiring frenzy. What’s better than that?

Above All: Leverage Tech When High-Volume Hiring

When filling many positions at once, it’s much too easy to get caught up in the noise and neglect to engage with your candidates. One of the worst things that you can do while trying to attract the best talent is to provide candidates with a hiring process that feels cold and impersonal.

Make every interview impactful with Candidate Relationship Intelligence. GoodTime’s high-volume recruiting software supercharges your recruiting and unlocks meaningful data so that your team gives candidates the genuine connections that they expect — every single time.

Request a demo to see how Hire creates more than just a candidate “experience.”

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