Charles Mah brings his 20 years of experience to GoodTime as the company’s Chief Customer and Operations Officer. He will help GoodTime customers leverage human-centric AI for more efficient, engaging, and cohesive hiring experiences — for candidates and hiring teams alike.

San Francisco – April 16, 2024

GoodTime, a leading provider of human-centric AI to help talent teams accelerate and elevate hiring experiences, today announced the appointment of Charles Mah as the company’s Chief Customer and Operations Officer. In his new role, Charles will work closely with customers to deliver best-in-class enterprise support, help them get the most from GoodTime’s solutions, and guide the product roadmap.

Helping customers create vastly improved hiring experiences for candidates and interviewers

Charles comes to GoodTime with over 20 years of experience leading global talent acquisition and customer success at companies like iCIMS, Workday, SAP, and Databricks, providing him with deep expertise and understanding of GoodTime’s customers that he’ll leverage to help them meet their strategic directives. His move represents a vote of confidence in the company and its vision for more efficient, engaging, and cohesive hiring experiences — across the entire talent lifecycle.

“Today’s TA teams must streamline their processes and lean into tools that drive measurable ROI without sacrificing the personal touch that is so crucial,” said Charles. “That’s why human-centric AI is the future of TA. GoodTime has developed a remarkable solution that automates 90% of interview coordination tasks while creating a more human hiring experience for your candidates and your interviewers. That’s exactly what TA teams need right now and I couldn’t be more excited to help deliver it to them.”

GoodTime’s vision: Human-centric AI as the future of enterprise talent acquisition

Human-centric AI is the simple, but powerful philosophy that AI should enhance, not replace, human capabilities. GoodTime believes human-centric AI is the best way companies can maximize efficiency and create world-class, human-driven hiring experiences.

“Human-centric AI is perhaps more important in hiring than in any other function at a company,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO of GoodTime. “TA pros are the people that find and secure your best people — they’re the ones that really build your company. We don’t believe in taking the ‘human’ out of HR. Rather, we believe in building on human expertise from people like Charles to create more efficient and scalable, but also more empathetic hiring experiences. With Charles, we’re poised to not only continue to offer the best AI-driven hiring automation on the market, but to empower our customers to take full advantage of it to transform their hiring processes.”

About GoodTime

GoodTime helps talent acquisition teams hire up to 50% faster by automating interview scheduling, candidate communications, and more with human-centric AI. Hundreds of the world’s leading companies including Slack, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Lyft, Shopify, and HubSpot trust GoodTime to accelerate their hiring process while maintaining a best-in-class experience — for candidates and hiring teams alike.

With advanced features like multi-day and panel interview scheduling, SMS and WhatsApp communication, workflow automation, intelligent interviewer selection, and powerful data and benchmarking reports, we’re helping enterprise companies cut their time-to-hire in half.

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