Do you feel that? That’s the talent competition heating up. In today’s all-time competitive recruiting environment, your candidate relationships are more important than ever before. Creating a unilateral, fleeting candidate experience just doesn’t cut it; candidates expect something deeper. It’s time to create genuine connections with candidates.

For Erick Green, meaningfully connecting with the recruiters at Beamery made the interview process an overwhelmingly positive experience — one that transformed him from a passive candidate who wasn’t looking for a new job — to one of Beamery’s newest account executives.

After introducing GoodTime Hire’s Candidate Relationship Intelligence to their tech stack, Beamery’s recruitment team elevated their interview process to transcend temporary experiences and build genuine relationships with candidates like Erick.

Read on to learn how Hire helped Erick accept Beamery’s job offer by cultivating a top-notch interview process.

Sparking the Candidate Relationship 

Transparent Communication from Recruiters

Transparency in the hiring process is high in demand, yet low in supply. 63% of job seekers are reportedly dissatisfied with the communication — or lack thereof — that they receive from most employers. 

Before interviewing with Beamery, Erick had become all too familiar with this lack of communication. In most hiring processes, he found himself left with more questions than answers: What’s the next step? When will I get a call back? Didn’t the recruiter say they would follow up?

With Hire, Beamery removed ambiguity from the equation with automated, personalized interview invites and reminders.

“The hiring experience at Beamery really stood out to me because they really took the guesswork out of it. I knew when my next call was going to be, I knew who it was going to be with.”

— Erick Green, Account Executive at Beamery

No one likes to be left in the dark, especially when interviewing for a job. Leveraging your tech stack to transparently and consistently communicate with each candidate is a crucial step in crafting a candidate relationship that lasts.

Quick and Easy Interview Process

Interviewing for jobs shouldn’t be a guessing game — and it shouldn’t be a waiting game either. Stringing job seekers along through a lengthy hiring process is a surefire way to tarnish your relationship with candidates and miss out on quality talent. 

In fact, 57% of candidates say that the most frustrating part of job hunting is a long wait time after the interview to hear back from a recruiter, and another 57% say that they lose interest in the open position if the hiring process is too long.

Determined to capture and sustain Erick’s interest, Beamery used Hire’s intelligent scheduling automation to eliminate back-and-forth communication and extensive time spent playing calendar tetris.

“With GoodTime, recruiters don’t have to worry and spend time on entering dates into their calendar and scheduling.”

—  Erick Green, Account Executive at Beamery

When recruiters use tech to reduce the time spent on tedious scheduling tasks, they have more time to focus on the task that really matters: meaningfully connecting with candidates.

Learn More About Erick’s Experience

The companies with the most efficient hiring strategy are the ones that snag the best candidates, and Beamery is living proof.

For Erick, the quality of Beamery’s hiring process made accepting their job offer an easy decision. Thanks to the bandwidth that Hire gave back to Beamery’s recruiting team, the team had time to cultivate a meaningful bond with Erick that he wouldn’t soon forget.

“When you’re not worrying about the scheduling, you can worry about the one-on-one interaction which is going to provide a better candidate experience and ultimately, I think, more hires and quicker hires.”

— Erick Green, Account Executive at Beamery

Watch the video below to hear more about Erick’s experience with Beamery and Hire.

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