February may be the shortest month of the year, but we’re not short on some highly-anticipated updates to our platform! We can’t wait to show these off to you, so let’s dive in!

  • Multi-Day Calendar View: Calendar View now supports multi-day interviews and many more updates to make complete customization possible!
  • Dashboard Redesign: Our new dashboard overhaul comes with multiple updates including custom SLA warnings, better data around queuing and when candidates submit availability, 
  • Interviewer Sign-up: Interviewers can now sign up to opt into Super Days and provide their own availability. No more back and forth between hiring teams and TA organizations for events.

Plus, we’ve got special GoodTime guests Jenn Oswald, Head of People Strategy, and Ariel Matthews, Recruiter, sharing how they used Superdays to supercharge hiring at GoodTime (and some practical tips to help you decide if you should try Superdays too).

Watch the February 2024 GoodTime product updates webinar or keep scrolling for highlights

Dashboard redesign

New GoodTime dashboard

The largest update to GoodTime’s dashboard since launch is here! We’ve overhauled the dashboard to be more intuitive, navigable, and context-rich.

Why this is awesome: The new design is focused on helping notify you to take action when you need to. See upcoming interviews by their start time, see when queued interviews are past their SLA time, and quickly get access to interviewer acceptance information all without needing to click into the interview.

Multi-Day Calendar View

Mutli-day calendar view

Calendar View now supports multi-day options, the ability to switch dates and move events from one day to another. Not only that, but it’s all neatly packaged with the candidate’s availability overlayed.

Why this is awesome: Now you can not only get the most complete transparency & overview before booking – but also complete control for any adjustments.

Interview Conflict Guidance

Goodtime interview conflict guidance

No matter how diligent TA teams and their tools are, there eventually comes a time when an interviewer gets double-booked. GoodTime now helps you understand the sequence of events better as the first portion of our Error Guidance program.

Why this is awesome: Interview Conflict Guidance helps you easily understand what happened, save time, and decide how to act faster than ever. Say goodbye to long, drawn-out investigations about where things went south.

Variable validation

Variable validation in GoodTime

Not all variables are suitable for every scenario. GoodTime now flags whether or not a variable will work for each flow.

Why this is awesome: Spend your energy on more important things than predicting whether variables will resolve, and most importantly; give your candidates the best experience!

Interviewer Sign-up for Superdays

Superdays interviewer signup

We now allow your interviewers to sign-up and submit availability for your Superday events! Share a link with your interviewers and sit back as your event availability populates without needing to do anything else.

Why this is awesome: No more Excel spreadsheets, messaging interviewers to provide their availability, or manually calculating interview schedules with interviewer availability automatically updating.

Start using the latest GoodTime features!

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