More data, more scheduling power, and more flexibility. We’ve been hard at work taking your GoodTime features wish list and making it a reality.

And we’ve got some pretty exciting updates to share if we do say so ourselves. Catch our full September Product Updates webinar below or scroll on for the main highlights, including:

  • Turnaround Benchmarking – Now you can not only see how much time is spent in each phase of your interview process, but also compare your performance to that of market-leading companies right within GoodTime.
  • Cancellation and Reschedule Reasons – Track the reasons for all your cancellations and reschedules, to optimize your hiring process more than ever before!
  • Interview Day Scheduling  -Schedule complex superday and interview day interviews through our new scheduling workflow.
  • Scheduling Links that sync to ATS  – Create static links associated with jobs and stages. Embed or send these links to get interviews scheduled and synced back to your ATS.
  • For GoodTime Meet – Routing history to gain added clarity on lead assignments, and Insights updates to help you do more with your meeting data.

Let’s dive in!

Watch the September 2023 GoodTime product updates webinar

GoodTime Hire updates

Turnaround Time Report benchmarking and filters

Turnaround Time Report benchmarking and filters

The Turnaround Time Report now supports benchmarking and can be filtered by different jobs and RCs.

Why this is awesome: Now, you can objectively assess how strong your interview scheduling performance is compared to the industry standard and drill it down to specific areas of improvement.

AI-powered Job Categories

We’re proud to announce Job Categories. Through the power of Natural Language Processing, all job titles are now categorized automatically, which allows you to benchmark job performance based on the type of job.

Why this is awesome:  Hiring for different jobs varies tremendously based on the type of job, so it’s crucial to be able to sort your reporting accordingly. Over the upcoming weeks, this filter will be applied to all applicable GoodTime reports.

Training tag improvements

GoodTime training tags

The logic for which trainee gets selected when tags are used has been completely optimized to prioritize graduation progress, timezone proximity, and much more.

Why this is awesome: The best talent gets snagged the fastest. That’s why it’s important to interview quickly. The training tag improvements increase your graduation rate and let you interview faster than ever before.

Cancelation and reschedule reasons

Rescheduling reasons

Now you can record the reason for each interview cancellation and reschedule.

Why this is awesome: The volume of cancellations and reschedules on their own do not tell the story of why they’re happening. By tracking the reasons, you can actually drill down on how to improve your process.

Pulse Score visualization

Pulse score visualization

The Pulse Report now shows how your Pulse Scores fluctuate over time with an all-new line chart that can be filtered by different job titles. This can be aggregated to daily, weekly, or monthly averages.

Why this is awesome:  Now you can see how changes in your operations affect Candidate satisfaction over time and drill down sources of low scoring.

Slack Integration v2

We are upgrading our existing Slack Integration and adding support for creating Slack channels for interviewers.

Why this is awesome:  We heard you! Having a Slack channel for your interviewers to collaborate with each other is very helpful. It used to be done manually, but we now automate it for time savings that really add up!

Hire for High Volume updates

Event and superday scheduling

Superday scheduling

Schedule complex superday and recruitment event interviews through our new scheduling workflow!

Why this is awesome: GoodTime supports interview days to streamline the scheduling process for your coordination teams. No more Excel spreadsheets and manual emails!

static scheduling links

Create static links associated with jobs and stages. Embed or send these links to get interviews scheduled and synced back to your ATS. This workflow is perfect for recruiting and sourcing teams!

Why this is awesome: Top-of-the-funnel interviews can now be scheduled, tracked in GoodTime, and synced back to your ATS all through a customized static link.

Even more updates and improvements!

Improved messaging for candidates

  • Updated interview confirmation link to display to the user the email address and to check their email for interview details
  • Updated reminders and confirmation messages to be more clear to candidates to check their email for their interview information

Message Blurb and Interview Template search, sort, and filtering

  • Pre-filter message blurbs to only show created ones by users
  • Users can now search and archive message blurbs to stay organized

Enhanced stage change automation logic

  • Now automations execute when merged candidates enter a Job/Stage where automation is present
  • Now automations execute when newly applied candidates enter a Job/Stage without the ATS seeing the candidate had changed stages

Meet updates

Routing History

GoodTime Meet Lead Routing History

Ever wondered why someone was assigned a lead. Wonder no more! With Routing History, a digital paper trail of lead assignments, reassignments, and integration updates makes it easy to see what happened and when.  

Why this is awesome: Routing History makes it easy to audit how the Routing automation is working to drive trust in the team and root out any unexpected issues.

Insights Dashboard updates

GoodTime Meet insights dashboard

The GoodTime Insights Dashboard received an upgrade with a high-level categories breakdown, top scheduling links chart, and top companies chart.

Why this is awesome: The new dashboard allows for segmentation of your scheduling data, making it easier to see how your team invests their time.

Take advantage of everything GoodTime has to offer!

We want to help you evolve and take full advantage of the latest upgrades and improvements to our platform. Check out our support center for tutorials and tips to help you stress less and get more done!

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