Can you believe we’re already more than a quarter of the way through 2024? This April, we’ve rolled out several key features and enhancements designed to optimize your scheduling efficiency and give you more control over your hiring workflow. Here’s what’s new this month:

  • Roundups are getting fully overhauled, with total timezone control and better transparency.
  • Cancellations & Reschedules can now collect custom notes and let interviewers get auto-notified.
  • Error Guidance now includes flagging if selected interviews are too busy or unavailable earlier in the flow.
  • Insights’ most heavily used reports can now be split by department

And that’s not all, so let’s dive in!

Watch the April 2024 GoodTime product updates webinar or keep scrolling for highlights


We’re rebuilding Roundups from the ground-up!

This month we are presenting a facelift to match the interview scheduling flow, the ability to completely customize time zones, and improved participant time zones and local times.

Why this is awesome: Better interview debriefs that take plase sooner after the interview mean faster decisions and better talent!

Custom cancellation and reschedule notes

Not all reschedules and cancellations are what they seem. Now you can write any free text context note you wish for cancellations and rescheduled, and the affected interviewers will be immediately notified. Watch out for these notes in Insights later this quarter.

Why this is awesome: A clear paper trail and automatic communication means zero confusion and detailed data to help take your processes to the next level.

Error Guidance for full calendars

Error Guidance will now point out if any of your interviewers are completely unavailable in the near future before you send out that Request Availability link.

Why this is awesome: Nothing looks worse than requesting availability from a candidate only to realize no slots are available because that one interviewer blocked their calendar off. Nip that problem in the bud and give a stellar experience from the get-go!

Segment data by department

The most commonly used GoodTime reports can now be sliced by Department. This is the first of several upcoming new dimensions to organize and benchmark your data by.

Why this is awesome: No more spending time linking data from multiple sources or spreadsheets to look up and pair metrics. Not only does GoodTime automatically classify your data for you, but it’s all gathered from your ATS so you don’t have to do anything.

Even more features and fixes

Ability to search for trainees who aren’t enrolled

Now you can search for trainees even if they aren’t actively in a path.

Adding the Reschedule Reason capture to Request Availability flows

Now you can record the reschedule reasons for even more cases, including when the candidate triggers the reschedule themselves.

Lever Integration for High Volume & Superdays 

Customers with Lever as an ATS can now:

– Bulk Message and send interview requests via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp

– Create workflows to automatically trigger actions such as SMS/Email and Interview Requests

– Message Candidates right from the Lever ATS without leaving

-Use the Superdays product for event scheduling

Superdays enhancements

– Now support the option to duplicate an existing Superday 

– Increased performance to handle extremely large events with a large number of interviewer groups

– Added the ability to see the total amount of available slots while Superday is in draft mode

– Option to revert back to draft mode after activating to make adjustments

Workflow History & Logs

See the history of automated workflows including when a workflow was executed, if the workflow failed to run and the reason while, when workflow was disabled, edited, and more.

Start using the latest GoodTime features!

We want to help you evolve and take full advantage of the latest upgrades and improvements to our platform. Check out the GoodTime support center for tutorials and tips to help you stress less and get more done!

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