Goodtime Announces Innovative Collaboration With Uber for Business to Help Talent Acquisition Teams Level Up the Candidate Experience

San Francisco, CA (JANUARY 25, 2023)GoodTime, the Meeting Optimization Engine that makes business meetings smarter, announces a new integration with Uber for Business, Uber’s enterprise arm, to help recruiting teams further automate the interview process and reduce time-to-hire while offering a perk-enhanced candidate experience. This is a first-of-its-kind integration for Uber for Business in the HR and recruiting industries, creating an elevated experience for candidates and a true innovation for hiring teams. 

The last year has amplified the importance of attracting and retaining employees. As the labor market shifts, companies are paying even closer attention to hiring the right person for the right role, which is critical when navigating a challenging economic environment. With demand for hiring efficiency increasing, there’s a renewed focus on technology to help streamline processes and improve the candidate experience, onsite and remote.  

The GoodTime and Uber for Business integration lets companies include vouchers for rides and meals with Uber to prospective hires directly in their interview calendar invites. For onsite interviews, teams can offer vouchers for rides with Uber to get them to the office, enhancing the candidate experience. For remote interviews, candidates can enjoy vouchers for meal deliveries with Uber Eats for a “lunch on the company.” 

“The collaboration between GoodTime and Uber for Business is a win-win for talent leaders,” said Don Darrah, Head of Partnerships at GoodTime. “Thanks to the integration with vouchers from Uber for Business, candidates get a world-class experience before the interview process even begins, allowing hiring teams to focus on landing top talent.” 

“Going the extra mile to offer vouchers for rides and meals shows candidates you care about their experience holistically,” said Susan Anderson, Global Head of Uber for Business. “Demonstrating a people-first approach from the start helps to differentiate your company from the competition.” 

The Uber for Business integration can be leveraged directly in GoodTime to help recruiting coordinators offer candidates vouchers from Uber for Business. GoodTime automatically adds vouchers to email invitations so that candidates have everything they need in one spot. This seamless, integrated experience can improve candidate engagement and provides a best-in-class experience from the very first touchpoint.

“The fastest hiring team offering the best experience typically gets the best candidates. For the first time in HR tech, GoodTime and Uber for Business offer that,” said Ahryun Moon, co-founder and Head of Company Strategy for GoodTime. 

To learn more about GoodTime and get a demo of the Uber for Business integration, visit

About GoodTime

GoodTime helps people and companies drive better results from their most important meetings. The GoodTime Meeting Optimization Engine automates scheduling, ensures the right people are in the room, and provides actionable insights to meet smarter. Its flagship product, Hire, allows organizations to win top talent faster with Candidate Relationship Intelligence while reducing time-to-hire by up to 50%. Over 300 leading companies like Spotify, Slack, Pinterest, Okta, HubSpot, and Box have scheduled more than seven million smart meetings with GoodTime. Learn more at

GoodTime Announces Flexible Scheduling For Multi-Day Interviews

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, GoodTime, the world’s first Meeting Optimization Engine, announced a new feature for its flagship product, Hire, called Flexible Scheduling. The first of its kind, Flexible Scheduling thinks like a recruiter and optimizes complex interviews across multiple days, ending the need for a full day of interviewing. It also works across teams, tools, and time zones, getting interviewers and candidates connected quickly and smoothly, taking into account nuanced schedule variables like blocked time and meeting priority.

The Challenge with Scheduling Candidate Interviews

One of the most common challenges is working across multiple teams with frequent delays in scheduling candidate interviews. Delays create a butterfly effect for interviewers, candidates, and hiring teams, all trying to achieve one goal, filling a role. According to HR Dive, it takes about 60 days to fill a non-managerial professional role. As part of finding the perfect candidate, interviews are vital in building “candidate relationships” that carry over as positive employee relationships.

In the GoodTime Hiring Insights Report, 46% of respondents said creating meaningful relationships with candidates is more important now than ever. Best practices in the hiring space dictate that companies offering flexibility in scheduling can also be a good demonstration of the company’s culture, mission, and values during the interview process.

How GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling Works

At its core, GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling delivers intelligence that moves from simple to sophisticated. It considers dozens of variables across multiple days and considers options nuanced and intelligently. It’s like having another talented recruiting coordinator who finds hidden opportunities to get in front of candidates faster with the right team at the right time.

Flexible Scheduling can complete a two-hour task in seconds, so recruiting coordinators can now easily organize complex interview panels and manage them to completion. With automatic substitutions, rescheduling, reminders, agendas, and all related logistics and communications handled seamlessly; teams are able to stay on the same page without all the back and forth. . This new level of automation intelligence eliminates up to 70% of the time needed to schedule and manage the entire interview process while providing candidates and the interview team with the ultimate scheduling efficiency.

Benefits of GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling include:

  • Built For Speed: Sort hundreds of scheduling possibilities in seconds. Review the top choices while Hire surfaces additional options in the background.
  • Intelligent Automation: Selecting the first open calendar space is not intelligent automation. Flexible Scheduling assesses existing commitments, conflicts, load, working hours, time zones, and more to find the best fit for your team and candidates.
  • Schedule Without Compromise: A truly flexible interview scheduling solution, purpose-built for today’s dynamic interview experience. Meet onsite, remotely, or a combination of both. Consider interviews over one or more days. Dictate meeting order, or let Hire select the best available options.
  • Interviewer Selection: Build and manage advanced panels by including interviewers with logic that provide instant selections and substitutions based on availability, skillset, training level, load, and more.

“We take pride in team collaboration and diverse perspectives; that’s why our team has worked in cooperation with talent acquisition leaders to create Flexible Scheduling, which features an enhanced algorithm so that no one misses on an opportunity or a great candidate. Scheduling should be anything but overwhelming, and in your total control, personalized how you see fit,” said Ahryun Moon, GoodTime co-founder and Head of Company Strategy.

About GoodTime
GoodTime helps people and companies drive better results from their most important meetings. The GoodTime Meeting Optimization Engine automates scheduling, ensures the right people are in the room, and provides actionable insights to meet smarter. Its flagship product, Hire, allows organizations to win top talent faster with Candidate Relationship Intelligence. Over 300 leading companies like Spotify, Slack, Pinterest, Okta, HubSpot, and Box have scheduled more than seven million smart meetings with GoodTime. Learn more at

Companies That Prioritize Candidate Relationships Improve Hiring Performance, According to New Report

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2022 — Businesses continue to find it difficult to hire new employees given the various headwinds caused by a number of factors ranging from increased demand for talent, an increased number of workers embracing freelance or part-time work. While the hiring landscape became more competitive, businesses also faced a lack of qualified candidates due to the supply/demand gap. Increased selectivity among job seekers played a part, too.

GoodTime today announced its findings from its first annual Hiring Insights Report to gauge the current landscape in talent acquisition. GoodTime surveyed 560 HR, talent, and recruiting leaders across the U.S. to hear about their most critical hiring challenges—and how they’re meeting the demands of modern candidates in a changed hiring landscape.
The report highlights the challenges of hiring during both the Great Resignation as well as the emerging Distance Economy, focusing on what companies are doing, not doing, or are planning to do to hit their hiring goals.
The high-level findings from the GoodTime Hiring Insights Report include:

  • 50% of hiring goals were not met in 2021
  • 60% surveyed said the time-to-hire increased in the past 12 months
  • 46% surveyed said the No.1 hiring goal in 2022 is to create genuine relationships with candidates
  • 36% said they consider improving candidate relationships a priority but struggle to execute
  • 31% said they made DEIB a measurable priority in the past 12 months

Companies far from hitting their hiring goals

It’s hard out there for HR and talent leaders. In 2021, companies fell 50% short of their hiring goals and felt the sting of the Great Resignation, evidenced in part by the number one reported hiring challenge: retaining top talent. As employees resigned for greener pastures, companies scrambled to backfill roles, hiring 108 new employees, on average, in 2021. According to the GoodTime Hiring Insights Report, respondents averaged just 50% of their hiring goals in 2021. To make matters worse, 60% of HR and talent leaders report that it is taking longer to fill an open position in 2021 than in previous years.

Creating meaningful relationships with candidates is key

Antiquated pre-COVID tactics—flaunting nap rooms and massage chairs—are, and will continue to be—ineffective in wooing top talent. Today, 46% said creating meaningful relationships with candidates is more important than ever. Among the leading candidate-focused hiring practices include flexibility in scheduling during the interview process and demonstration of the company’s culture, mission, and values. Providing office tours and free lunch during the interview were also noted but considered ‘relics of the past.’

Retaining top talent is the number one challenge

Some assume that fully in-office companies have the most challenging time retaining talent; however, that wasn’t the case. Sixty-three percent (63%) of fully-remote companies selected “retaining top talent,” far above the average (30%). And while 34% of fully or mostly remote companies struggled with a lack of qualified candidates, only 22% of fully or mostly in-office companies reported the same challenge. While the Distance Economy widens the talent pool, it also widens the employer pool, making it more critical for remote and hybrid companies to take meaningful steps to retain, attract, and win candidates. As a result, HR teams expect to struggle to retain top talent and attract qualified candidates in the year ahead.

Hiring landscape more competitive

HR leaders disagree on whether the hiring landscape has become more competitive. Forty-seven percent (47%) of HR leaders agreed that “the hiring landscape has become more competitive due to an increased demand for talent.” This sentiment aligns with most headlines and analyst reports. However, the No. 1 selected item (45%) among Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) was “the hiring landscape has become less competitive due to an increase in available talent who have recently quit their jobs.” Directors were 34% less likely than CHROs to agree (32%). Employees who are more closely involved with day-to-day recruiting work have a different perception of business functioning.

DEIB in the Hiring Process

The findings in the Hiring Insights Report cast a dull light on the state of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the hiring process. Thirty-one percent (31%) of companies made DEIB a measurable priority in the past 12 months. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of companies plan to make DEIB a measurable priority over the next 12 months. While this is a 7% YoY increase, DEIB is at the bottom of the list. Further findings showed that commitment to DEIB was the least selected item (32%) in response to the question, “Which of the following do you communicate to candidates during the hiring process to attract top talent?”

“Winning the war for talent moves beyond the one-sided, staged candidate experience to the two-way, genuine candidate relationship. Companies that take a human-centered approach to talent acquisition are 2x more likely to achieve financial goals,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO & Co-Founder, GoodTime. “The report findings clearly show that winning talent through outdated methods like free lunches and ping pong tables are over. Companies need to put more emphasis on cultivating the candidate relationship if they want to create impactful hires in today’s Distance Economy.”

“If you aren’t offering candidates an environment where they can grow their career, your target hiring goals will continue to grow right with your attrition rate. As a result, you could be forever chasing an unattainable goal,” said Pete Lawson, Talent Acquisition Leader, GoPuff.

To download the full report, visit

GoodTime Unveils New Brand Identity to Reflect Company’s Vision and Direction to Make Meetings Smarter

GoodTime Introduces the World’s First Meeting Optimization Engine to Remedy Lack of Productivity Valued at $400B Dollars in Time Wasted

GoodTime Logo

San Francisco – April 25, 2022GoodTime revealed a new corporate brand today, reflecting its vision to deliver smarter meetings and better outcomes for companies worldwide. As part of the rebrand, the company introduced its Meeting Optimization Engine, the world’s first of its kind, to support GoodTime’s mission of creating a future where every minute counts. 

The Meeting Optimization Engine

GoodTime’s Meeting Optimization Engine helps customers get better results from meetings through automation, relationships, and insights. First, it uses automation to intelligently coordinate meetings across time zones and calendars, without the usual back and forth. Then, it helps attendees build better relationships during the meeting. Whether interviewing a critical hire or solving problems for a customer, GoodTime makes sure the right people are in the room at the right time so collaboration and connection come naturally. Most importantly, GoodTime provides intelligent insights so companies can take the right actions before, during, and after every meeting.

“There are lots of scheduling automation tools in the market, but no one else is optimizing business meetings to ensure the right people are in the right room at the right time. This is why so many people are in meetings and don’t know why they’re there. With the GoodTime Meeting Optimization Engine, we’re turning time-wasting meetings into smart meetings that get you to your goals faster,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO and Co-Founder, GoodTime. 

Trends and Challenges With Meetings

According to a 2019 study, U.S. companies are estimated to have lost $399 billion in that year alone due to inefficient meetings resulting from numerous factors ranging from poorly organized meetings to loss of focus on projects to confusion. Today, the stakes are even higher.  

In the last two years, companies have gone from 40 to 66 million daily meetings in the U.S. alone—even though most attendees think they’re a waste of time. And given the remote working culture in today’s global society, the amount is expected to increase. With less than one-third of knowledge workers coming to the office every day, meetings are often the only way coworkers can interact face-to-face. That said, meetings need to be relevant and purposeful for every attendee to fuel company culture, and not hinder it. 

Two Products, One Mission

For talent acquisition teams, the competition for talent is only getting worse. Candidates have more opportunities than ever and winning top talent requires an approach beyond simply moving additional candidates through the hiring funnel. It requires building meaningful relationships with each candidate. To overcome this challenge, the company’s flagship product, GoodTime Hire, delivers Candidate Relationship Intelligence to help teams automate coordination, build genuine connections with candidates, and surface insights to continually optimize the hiring process. Powered by the Meeting Optimization Engine, GoodTime Hire gives teams an edge in a highly competitive talent market. 

The company’s second product, GoodTime Meet, is the new generation calendar built for everyone in the new era of work-life autonomy where getting people together is harder than ever — different time zones, asynchronous working hours, and online or in-person meetings. Meet helps hybrid and remote teams simplify scheduling and take back control of their calendars. As part of this launch, the company brings GoodTime Meet under the Meeting Optimization Engine umbrella, alongside GoodTime Hire.

Making Meetings Smarter

With over 7 million smart meetings scheduled to date, and used by over 300 leading companies, GoodTime helps companies of all sizes get better results— from hyper-growth startups, to unicorns, to Fortune 500s. 

  • For Box, recruiting coordinators now spend 40% less time scheduling interviews
  • For Pinterest, talent acquisition teams reduced time-to-fill by 50%
  • For Patreon, recruiters doubled the amount of interviews they could schedule per day

“GoodTime [Hire] is a great accelerator for the hiring process. By leveraging the platform and putting more control into candidates’ hands, we’ve eliminated what’s normally the most time-consuming and frustrating part of the process,” said David Moore, VP of Recruiting, Box.

About GoodTime

GoodTime helps people and companies drive better results from their most important meetings. The GoodTime Meeting Optimization Engine automates scheduling, ensures the right people are in the room, and provides actionable insights to meet smarter. Its flagship product, Hire, allows organizations to win top talent faster with Candidate Relationship Intelligence. Over 300 leading companies like Spotify, Slack, Pinterest, Okta, HubSpot, and Box have scheduled more than 7 million smart meetings with GoodTime. Learn more at

GoodTime Solves the Multimillion-Dollar Problem of Untrained Interviewers 

Hiring experience solution dominates the market with enhanced interviewer training to help talent acquisition teams win top talent quickly, legally, and cost-effectively.

GoodTime Interviewer Training

SAN FRANCISCO—(BUSINESSWIRE), GoodTime, the leading AI-based hiring experience solution, with clients such as Box, Shopify, and Zoom, has added enhanced interviewer training functionality to its features set to remove bottlenecks, reduce time-to-hire, and ensure a great candidate experience, no matter who conducts the interview.

GoodTime’s platform reduces time-to-hire by as much as 50% while saving as much as $500,000 per year in talent acquisition costs. The newly enhanced interviewer training feature is the culmination of significant work to give hiring teams the most advanced interviewer training management system available. New features include:

  • A redesigned interface for faster, scalable management of interviewers, training paths, progress, graduation, and more
  • Enhanced intelligence and automation that handles training complexities, including trainee prioritization, scheduling, and tagging graduates
  • Alerts and visual indications of tasks needing action, interviewers ready for their next phase, and schedule conflicts

When interviews aren’t conducted properly, they fail the company, the hiring team, and the candidate. In 2020 alone, the EEOC secured nearly $440 million dollars from nearly 68,000 discrimination cases. The GoodTime team identified three critical areas where the interview process falls short:

  • Not enough speed
  • Lack of communication
  • Bias

Jasper Sone, co-founder and CPO, stated, “Hiring post-COVID is a game of scalable personalization. It’s all about the candidate experience. Right now, open jobs in the market more than double the number of qualified job seekers, which requires hiring leaders to focus on speed and quality. Our interviewer training feature improves both by identifying bottlenecks in interview processes, and automating the process of training interviewers to fill the gaps. Not only does this new functionality decrease time-to-hire by up to 50%, but it also ensures that every interview is an opportunity to properly represent a company’s brand.”

Interestingly, there is a gap in understanding how interviewer training affects hiring goals. About 82% of employers believe that a candidate’s negative experience in the hiring process has little to no impact on their business. And yet, 72% of recruiting leaders worldwide agreed that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring.

GoodTime’s enhanced interviewer training is used by the world’s top tech companies to improve candidate experience, avoid legal issues, mitigate bias, and land top talent faster.

To learn more about how GoodTime empowers interviewers and elevates the hiring experience, visit

About GoodTime 

GoodTime enables talent acquisition teams to create an efficient, equitable, and personalized candidate experience that lands top talent faster. GoodTime is the only HR tech solution that can help advance diversity initiatives, fostering measurable impact for every candidate. See why the world’s top talent acquisition teams, including Zoom, Instacart, and DropBox, rely on GoodTime to slash time-to-hire metrics, and deliver up to 50% savings on hiring expenditure. 

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GoodTime Hits “Next level” With Greenhouse Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (September 20, 2021) — GoodTime, the HR industry’s first and only hiring experience solution, announced its recognition as a Greenhouse Customer-Preferred Partner. This partnership between GoodTime and Greenhouse, the hiring software company, helps recruiting teams automate the interview process to reduce the time-to-hire while improving candidate experience.

“Becoming a Customer-Preferred Partner provider is a testament to the value our customers receive when they embrace the GoodTime and Greenhouse integrated solution to enhance their interview management and candidate experience to ultimately land top talent,” said Don Darrah, Head of Partnerships at GoodTime. 

Greenhouse’s Customer-Preferred Partner Program is designed to streamline the process of creating the optimal tech stack for companies — whether starting from scratch or selecting by category, customers can get a clear sense of what tools their peers are using successfully. 

“We’re proud to welcome GoodTime to the Customer-Preferred Partner program which highlights companies that have a long history of delivering quality experiences for Greenhouse customers,” said Garret Starr, Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse. “With the demand for talent increasing, we’re seeing even more focus on technology that drives efficiency throughout every part of the funnel. GoodTime plays a key role helping with the tricky problem of complex scheduling, ensuring that recruiting teams can spend time with candidates and not calendars.”

Elevating the Candidate Experience With Tech

Greenhouse customers can easily leverage GoodTime to help recruiting coordinators match the right set of interviewers to each candidate, providing a best-in-class experience from the very first touchpoint and reducing time to hire by up to 50%.

“The fastest hiring team typically gets the best candidates. GoodTime and Greenhouse helped us accomplish that,” said Erika Thorson-Garay, Head of Talent Acquisition at LiveRamp.

“We’re committed to modernizing interviews by making them more effective at selecting the best candidates. The journey we’ve taken with our Greenhouse customers, along with the value they have realized with the integration has enabled us to elevate to the Customer-Preferred Partner status,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO of GoodTime. “We look forward to more mutual customers having their recruiting teams spend less time coordinating interviews and instead, focus on attracting the best talent to reach their company’s hiring goals.” customers can learn more about GoodTime and schedule a demo here. To learn more about the Greenhouse Partner Hiring Cloud, visit

GoodTime Wins Series A+ Funding to Revolutionize Talent Acquisition

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 12, 2021) — As the premier hiring experience solution more and more recruiters use to streamline the talent acquisition process, GoodTime is committed to saving companies time and money in their search for the best talent available.

By adding $9.5 million to its Series A funding, GoodTime secured the funding needed to bring new innovations forward in the second half of 2021.

Newest Funding Round Will Accelerate Innovation

Led by KTB Ventures, and with Smilegate and Atinum Investment as additional participants, this new round of funding will help GoodTime accelerate go-to-market growth. With the total round of funding now at $16.7 million, the company is poised to work with a wide range of innovative clients, including Box, Shopify, Patreon, Instacart, Slack, and Snap.

By working with these and many other clients, GoodTime continues to make it easier for talent acquisition leaders to locate and hire the best job candidates quickly and efficiently. 

“GoodTime uses people data to always put the right people into each meeting, which is an absolute necessity for the future of work. Also, the caliber of customers that GoodTime works with, such as Dropbox, Box, Zoom, Slack, Pinterest, Stripe, Atlassian, Snapchat and more, impressed us as to how much this product is needed in the market.”

Hyesung Kim, Investment Manager, KTB Network

GoodTime Improves The Recruiting Process and Shifts Focus to Excellence

GoodTime offers hiring experience solutions that drastically cut down the time it takes to hire a qualified candidate, in many cases by as much as 50%. What’s more, GoodTime’s approach enables companies to save half a million dollars annually in hiring costs. 

GoodTime’s solutions streamline the interviewing and hiring process by:

  • Supporting talent acquisition leaders and hiring coordinators
  • Streamlining the steps involved in the interview process
  • Enabling candidates to self-schedule their appointments
  • Automatically syncing recruiters’ and candidates’ availability
  • Supporting a more meaningful interviewing experience
  • Reducing the burdens associated with administrative tasks
  • Increasing engagement with qualified candidates
  • Shifting the hiring focus to quality and excellence

What’s more, GoodTime is the only HR tech solution with a means to measure and manage the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) process for scheduling interviews. Moving forward, DEI will continue to be an important focus for recruiters. 

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Ahryun Moon, “GoodTime is the solution that enables companies to personalize the hiring process and improve each candidate’s experience.”

Who Benefits From GoodTime’s Ongoing Development

With this additional funding, GoodTime will be able to keep improving the recruiting process in key ways to further help companies benefit from this platform.

Hyesung Kim, Investment Manager at KTB Network, explains why GoodTime gets his vote of confidence, stating that, “We were excited about the prospect of creating a meeting platform where you have exactly the right people to discuss the right thing to move the needle.”

Kim added, “GoodTime uses people data to always put the right people into each meeting, which is an absolute necessity for the future of work. Also, the caliber of customers that GoodTime works with, such as Dropbox, Box, Zoom, Slack, Pinterest, Stripe, Atlassian, Snapchat and more, impressed us as to how much this product is needed in the market.”

So, the short answer is that with ongoing innovation by GoodTime, both sides benefit: the companies doing the recruiting and hiring, and the candidates searching for meaningful work that meets their interests and makes the best use of their skills. 

In a startling statistic, about 63% of job candidates feel that employers don’t communicate adequately throughout the hiring process. Companies that are paying attention are making the shift to using an interviewing platform that empowers their recruiters and interviewers and elevates the hiring experience for everyone involved.

About GoodTime

If your company is ready to improve the hiring process by providing your recruiters with better tools and support, significantly shortening the process of locating and hiring qualified candidates, and creating a better interviewing experience for candidates who are hired as well as for those who are declined, we’d like to talk with you.

Our demo shows you the power of GoodTime, which includes these features:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Hiring analytics and insights
  • Interviewer training
  • ATS integration
  • DEI management
  • Configurable workflows
  • Matching interviewers to candidates

Guide + GoodTime: A Match Made in Candidate Experience Heaven

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (April 19, 2021) — Today, GoodTime is excited to announce its partnership with Guide, the first candidate experience platform that fully automates candidate preparation and delivers a hyper-personalized interview experience to candidates. 

In addition to interview scheduling and logistics, one of the most widely reported pains of talent teams is the time and cost to prepare candidates for interviews. Candidate preparation is not only critical for the company’s hiring success, but it also significantly impacts the candidate’s perception of your company. Thus, it’s a primary pillar of a candidate experience strategy. 

Whether you prepare candidates for interviews over the phone, using email templates, or slide decks, it’s tedious and almost impossible to deliver at scale. Yet, the candidate’s decision to accept your offer depends on it. 

Deliver on the Candidate Experience

According to a striking CareerBuilder study, 68% of candidates say the interview experience impacts their decision to join the company. Today’s candidates extrapolate from their interview experience what it’s like to work at your company. Then, they decide to accept an offer based on that information. This is a key insight driving the strategy of modern talent teams to win candidates.

GoodTime helps hundreds of talent teams solve interview scheduling. But what about the experience leading up to each interview? Between interviews? After? What can the candidate expect and how should they prepare? How can they get to know their interviewers? Where can they learn about the neat stuff your company is building and about your unique company culture? This is increasingly challenging in a Zoom-first world without on-sites in a physical office. 

We believe that the biggest challenge for recruiting teams has shifted from finding and reaching candidates to winning them. The Greenhouse + GoodTime + Guide software stack unlocks an entirely new, seamless service level for delivering and measuring candidate experience that’s becoming a competitive differentiator for the world’s top talent teams. 

Win Top Talent With Your Tech Stack Today

Talent teams know that a disjointed internal tool stack makes for a poor candidate experience. As the recruiting space blossoms with new tools, it’s critical that they work ever closer together to deliver a seamless end-experience to candidates. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Guide. 

Reach out to the Guide or GoodTime team to see how talent teams rapidly improve their candidate satisfaction and offer acceptance rates.

GoodTime Secures $5 Million Series A Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 9, 2018) — GoodTime, the premier B2B SaaS talent operations platform that streamlines the interview process for HR teams and talent, today announced it has closed $5 million Series A funding led by Bullpen Capital, with participation from GSV Capital and  

The company will use the capital to invest in product, technology, and sales teams and build upon its early success in intelligently automating the interview scheduling process for companies such as Box, Shopify, and Dropbox. The new infusion of capital will allow them to expand their product line to address the entire employee lifecycle including onboarding and training.  

“GoodTime’s origins were born from the needs of recruiting teams who spent up to 50% of their time scheduling interviews,” said GoodTime Co-Founder/CEO Ahryun Moon. “We have witnessed great success expediting the interview scheduling process up to 10X standard timeframes.  Now, we can expand the application of our automated, AI-based human logistics technology to employee training and new hire onboarding.”

Using Tech to Supercharge Recruiting Teams

GoodTime uses machine learning to target optimal times for interviews while streamlining correspondence and ensuring consistent experiences from initial contact to hire. Key benefits include:

  • Talent teams experience up to 90% reduction in time to schedule interviews.
  • Automatic assignment and diversification of interviewer panels, removing unconscious bias.
  • Approximately 80% of candidates confirm interviews within 3 hours, which reduces time-to-hire by 40%.

Aurora, a Silicon Valley-based company that develops self-driving technology, utilizes GoodTime within its HR division. “We adopted GoodTime in 2017. As a company invested in automated vehicles, we believe our ideals should follow through in an automated hiring process that creates a consistent, exceptional experience for both candidates and interviewers, “ said Aurora Recruiting Operations Member Sean Cawley. “GoodTime optimizes our resources and time.”  

GoodTime’s talent solution has a wide range of applications for meeting both management and employees’ needs.  Ahryun Moon, Jasper Sone, and Peter Lee founded GoodTime in 2016 and graduated from The Alchemist Accelerator. Moon has worked within recruiting teams at Mulesoft, Airbnb, and Dropbox, enabling her to ‘walk a mile in her customers’ shoes.’  

“Bullpen loves to back founders like Ahryun,” said Bullpen Capital Founding Partner Duncan Davidson. “Ahryun and her team’s incredible talent and determination are reflected in the remarkable success of the company.  We look forward to working with GoodTime to build one of the great companies of this era.”