SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, GoodTime, the world’s first Meeting Optimization Engine, announced a new feature for its flagship product, Hire, called Flexible Scheduling. The first of its kind, Flexible Scheduling thinks like a recruiter and optimizes complex interviews across multiple days, ending the need for a full day of interviewing. It also works across teams, tools, and time zones, getting interviewers and candidates connected quickly and smoothly, taking into account nuanced schedule variables like blocked time and meeting priority.

The Challenge with Scheduling Candidate Interviews

One of the most common challenges is working across multiple teams with frequent delays in scheduling candidate interviews. Delays create a butterfly effect for interviewers, candidates, and hiring teams, all trying to achieve one goal, filling a role. According to HR Dive, it takes about 60 days to fill a non-managerial professional role. As part of finding the perfect candidate, interviews are vital in building “candidate relationships” that carry over as positive employee relationships.

In the GoodTime Hiring Insights Report, 46% of respondents said creating meaningful relationships with candidates is more important now than ever. Best practices in the hiring space dictate that companies offering flexibility in scheduling can also be a good demonstration of the company’s culture, mission, and values during the interview process.

How GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling Works

At its core, GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling delivers intelligence that moves from simple to sophisticated. It considers dozens of variables across multiple days and considers options nuanced and intelligently. It’s like having another talented recruiting coordinator who finds hidden opportunities to get in front of candidates faster with the right team at the right time.

Flexible Scheduling can complete a two-hour task in seconds, so recruiting coordinators can now easily organize complex interview panels and manage them to completion. With automatic substitutions, rescheduling, reminders, agendas, and all related logistics and communications handled seamlessly; teams are able to stay on the same page without all the back and forth. . This new level of automation intelligence eliminates up to 70% of the time needed to schedule and manage the entire interview process while providing candidates and the interview team with the ultimate scheduling efficiency.

Benefits of GoodTime’s Flexible Scheduling include:

  • Built For Speed: Sort hundreds of scheduling possibilities in seconds. Review the top choices while Hire surfaces additional options in the background.
  • Intelligent Automation: Selecting the first open calendar space is not intelligent automation. Flexible Scheduling assesses existing commitments, conflicts, load, working hours, time zones, and more to find the best fit for your team and candidates.
  • Schedule Without Compromise: A truly flexible interview scheduling solution, purpose-built for today’s dynamic interview experience. Meet onsite, remotely, or a combination of both. Consider interviews over one or more days. Dictate meeting order, or let Hire select the best available options.
  • Interviewer Selection: Build and manage advanced panels by including interviewers with logic that provide instant selections and substitutions based on availability, skillset, training level, load, and more.

“We take pride in team collaboration and diverse perspectives; that’s why our team has worked in cooperation with talent acquisition leaders to create Flexible Scheduling, which features an enhanced algorithm so that no one misses on an opportunity or a great candidate. Scheduling should be anything but overwhelming, and in your total control, personalized how you see fit,” said Ahryun Moon, GoodTime co-founder and Head of Company Strategy.

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